dji avata vs avata 2

Is the DJI Avata 2 that much better than the original Avata?

I love the DJI Avata. It might be my favorite drone. The original Avata might just be the easiest FPV drone to fly and the camera on it is fantastic. The FPV feed is crisp and clear and the Rocksteady does a solid job of stabilizing video.

I use it chasing e-bikes and drones as well as indoor real estate fly through videos. Now with the Avata 2 release will I upgrade? Should you upgrade? Let’s take a look at the differences between the two drones.

DJI Avata 2

DJI Avata vs DJI Avata 2 Camera

There are three major differences between the original Avata and the Avata 2. The first and maybe most important difference is the upgraded camera. The Avata 2 has a larger 1/1.3″ sensor compared to the 1/1.7″ on the original. The updated processer, DJI magic and ability to record in D-Log M make this a much better videography tool. The Avata 2 will be able to handle more challenging situations much better.

DJI Avata 2 Specs

The second difference is a clear upgrade in some of the more important metrics. The Avata 2 is faster with a top speed of 16m/s (35.8mph) compared to 14m/s (31mph). The new Avata 2 has flight time that is 5 minutes longer. It can last up to 23 minutes on a single battery. The Avata 2 also has DJI’s new O4 transmission system. Booting the range and signal strength up to 13km or 8 miles. It does this while also reducing latency to 24ms from 28ms. DJI also added additional internal storage up to 46GB so if you forget your SD card you’ll be alright.


DJI Avata 2 Improved Design

The final difference is the improved design. The Avata 2 has a lower center of gravity and the motors and propellers are pushed outward. This will make the Avata 2 both more stable and more maneuverable than the original Avata. DJI is so confident in this new design they added “acro-like” features with a push of a button, allowing the user to do flips and rolls.

Another giant bonus is the relocation of the SD card slot. It is much easier to access than on the original. Or you can connect it directly to your computer to download footage using the SD card slot which is again easier to access.

Avata 2 vs Avata 1

There are some other changes and difference between the two drones. The new Avata 2 uses the redefined RC Motion 3 as well as the new Goggles 3. The new remote is lighter and supports DJI Acro modes. The new Goggles 3 have a new design that is supposed to be more comfortable for more people. It also includes wireless streaming and cameras that allow users to see the environment around them.


Should you buy the DJI Avata 2?

The DJI Avata 2 is absolutely the best cinewhoop drone on the market today. It is increadibly stable and has a best in class camera. It is a big improvement over the original Avata. No it isn’t a typical FPV drone and it isn’t going to replace your freestyle rigs. It however is going to be a great tool for anyone that uses cinewhoops as part of their kit. I have ordered one myself, but I’d be curious to see just how far the price drops on the original Avata before I pulled the trigger if you were looking for a cinewhoop.

Check the price of the DJI Avata 2Check the price of original DJI Avata

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