how to pass the faa part 107 exam

How to Pass the FAA’s Part 107 Exam

The FAA’s part 107 exam is a necessary evil for anyone that wants to use their drone commercially. Unfortunately for drone pilots, the questions are mainly unrelated to flying a drone. The FAA wants you to understand the National Airspace system, be able to read sectional charts, read a METAR weather report and identify the difference between Macho and impulsive behavior.  There are some really good classes out there and UAV coach is one of the best.  If you want something to walk you through the test, quiz you along the way and provide resources to make sure you pass then I’d suggest clicking the link here to sign up for his course, use the code CHROME50 and save $50 when you enroll.

However, Chris and I have been studying drone law since the inception of the Part 107 exam. Chris passed the 107 test on the very first day it was available. I have taught a drone class with a unit on Part 107 study to high school students since 2020.

We have built an entire 107 curriculum for our Patreons plus a few additional resources. Slide decks, answers to the guided notes, practice quizzes, and easy access to Chris and me to answer your questions. There are seven different videos with guided notes and resources to help you prepare. You can get a little preview of what we have done below. If you are interested in becoming a Patreon and supporting what we do at Half Chrome, click here.

Print these documents out!

I have also created a condensed version of the Flight Supplement for you. I’ve only included the pages that are relevant to remote pilots. No need to kill trees. Click here to download it

The FAA has created a practice test. Click here for a PDF of the practice exam. Watch the video below as I walk through the answers. You’ll also want to check out my quick review video below before you take the test.

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Part 107 Study Guide and Important Information

This is a quick review of important numbers you need to know for the test. Get your study guide here.

Part 107 Practice Test with answers

This will go over the Part 107 practice test that the FAA created to help you prepare. We will walk through the different questions and responses. This is a must-do for anyone prepping to take the FAA Part 107 exam.

Click here for a PFF of the practice exam.

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