MakerFire Micro FPV

MakerFire Micro FPV, a Ready-To-Go Tiny Whoop

Are you looking for a fun drone to fly around the house? Do you want to try your hand at First Person View (FPV) racing? The MakerFire Micro FPV is an excellent drone for the beginner FPV pilot. MakerFire started with the Eachine E010, then upgraded the drone by adding a camera as well as upgrading the motors and battery. The Eachine E010 is one of our favorite starter drones and MakerFire has improved on this fun little machine. If you want to get in on the Tiny Whoop craze then the MakerFire Micro FPV might just be your ticket. You’ll be hard pressed to find a turnkey FPV drone with a remote in the $65 price range like the MakerFire. The one exception is the Eachine E010C. It is almost identical to the MakerFire, but lacks the faster motors that are plug and play for a quick change. However, the E010C is still a steal at under $40. 

MakerFire Micro FPV
You’ll get the stock Eachine remote transmitter in the box. If you want to use your own remote then you’ll have to pick up one with an F3 FC.

MakerFire has created an affordable entry level drone for the fun sport of indoor FPV racing. You’ll need to pick up a monitor or some FPV goggles to fully enjoy this drone, but even after purchasing some goggles, this is a great affordable option. If you are new to FPV goggles then check out our article. Many people start with the Inductrix FPV RTF, but that package will cost you almost $200 and you get a relatively small monitor rather than more immersive and glare-free FPV goggles. The Inductrix is the original ducted indoor quad and the all-in-one package is nice. We like it, but it is hard to pass up the value of the MakerFire and a nice pair of goggles. We would recommend picking up these Eachine VR008 goggles. They are a good starter pair. With the drone and the goggles, you’ll spend less than $140. That is a steal! We would definitely recommend picking up some extra batteries as well as a multi-battery charger.

Eachine VR008
The Eachine VR008 are very good entry level FPV goggles
Check the current price of the MakerFire Micro FPV
Check the current price of the Eachine VR008 goggles
Check the current price of extra batteries
Check the current price multi-battery charger

Let’s talk more about what makes this MakerFire Micro FPV so special. They start with the Eachine E010 quad. Admittedly the Eachine is a clone of the Inductrix, the first ducted indoor flyer. However, the Eachine/MakerFire frame is much sturdier and can handle a beating much better than the Inductrix. This is a super fun, super durable indoor drone. It’s ducted propellers help keep it quiet and efficient. They also work as propeller guards and essentially turn this drone into a bumper car. You can pinball this little guy off of walls and other obstacles. MakerFire replaced the stock Eachine motors with the “super sauce” 17,500 Kv (RPM per volt) motors. These motors make the drone a lot more powerful and responsive. MakerFire has also added an FPV camera. The camera is a 5.8g, 25mW, 40 channel camera with a wide field of view. MakerFire has also upgraded the battery. It is an Inductrix 35c 200mAh 1S battery. You should get between 3 and 4 minutes of flight time and expect a range of around 20 meters. Remember this little guy is best suited to indoor flight, even a light wind will make flying a challenge.

More advanced pilots, or those into tuning, can pick up MakerFire Micro FPV drones based on F3 flight controllers. They are tunable and compatible with Cleanflight or Betaflight. You can choose the FrSky Taranis or the DSM Spektrum version. You’ll be able to get your Tiny Whoop on with this drone. The 615 coreless motors provide you with plenty of power. Typically these F3 tunable flight controller versions cost about $20 more than the standard MakerFire Micro FPV ($65), but you get the ability to customize and you can use your Spektrum or Taranis transmitter.

F3 EVO Flight Controller
F3 EVO Flight Controller
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Check the current price of the MakerFire Micro FPV (DSM)
Check the current price of the Maker Fire Micro FPV (Standard)
Are you looking to upgrade your drone?

If you have a Tiny Whoop style drone then you may want to pick up some extra propellers, batteries and other supplies. Whether you are flying an Inductrix, E010 or MakerFire you may want to consider adding some of these upgrades. If you are looking to 3D print frames for your drone check out this article.

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Inductrix battery
There are a lot of different upgrades and options to add to the fun of your Inductrix, E010 or MakerFire drone.
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