Cheerson CX-23: A GPS Drone with Good Features and a Low Price

The Cheerson CX-23 CHEER looks to be Cheerson’s answer to the growing trend of inexpensive brushless drones. The specs on the CX-23 are impressive and it looks like you get quite a bit for a drone starting at $199.

Cheerson CX-23
Have a look at the CX-23

What is the CX-23 CHEER?

The CX-23 is a GPS enabled, brushless motor quadcopter. It has a 2MP 720p camera with an adjustable angle. The camera transmits a 5.8 GHz video back to the included 4.3″ monitor. Because it has GPS, you’ll get added stability and features like return-to-home and orbit. They’ve also built in an OSD (on screen display) feature, so you’ll get important information on your screen like speed, height, battery life, etc.

The CX-23 claims a flight time of 14 minutes and a range of 500 meters. It has an interesting design with the two rear motors being inverted. In theory, the flipped props could help reduce turbulence coming off the props, but we are guessing it was done just to look different. Check out the impressive specs below.

Cheerson CX23 camera
Take a look at the adjustable 2MP HD camera.

CX-23 Specs

Flight Time: 14 minutes
Range: 500 meters
Motors: 1306 3300KV
Size: 245 x 245 x 90 mm
Weight: 230 g
Battery: 7.4v 120mah
Camera: 2MP 720p
Transmitter: 5.8GHz 32 channel
Monitor: 4.3″ 1280 x720

Should You Get a CX-23?

The Cheerson CHEER CX-23 is a pretty impressive quadcopter at its price point. You don’t often find GPS-enabled drones that have solid features for under $300, let alone under $200. No, this isn’t going to compete with a Phantom, there are no gimbals or video stabilization. However, it is a solid alternative to the Bugs 2, another good inexpensive GPS-enabled drone. The Cheerson is a little smaller, quicker, and has an adjustable camera, but the Bugs 2 has a higher resolution 1080p camera. If a brushless quad is in your budget this year and 1080 recording capability is not a requirement, then go ahead and add a little more cheer to your life with the Cheerson CX-23.

Check the price of the Cheerson CX-23

cheerson cx23 quadcopter


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