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MJX Bugs 5W: The Best Bugs Model Yet!

MJX Bugs 5W

Starting under $200

Overall Quality


Ease of Flying/Stability













  • PROS:
  • Adjustable Angle Camera
  • GPS Stability
  • Excellent App and Flight Modes
  • CONS:
  • No Image Stability
  • No Active Gimbal


  • Flight Time: 15 minutes
  • Range: 300-500 meters
  • Camera: 10809

MJX has been hard at work and has developed some fantastic new quads. The Bugs 8 Pro, Bugs 3 Mini, and Bugs 3H are excellent additions to the Bugs 3 and Bugs 2 models that are well known as great drones. Their newest drones the Bugs 3 Pro and Bugs 5W are GPS offerings. The 5W might just be the best of the bunch. Keep reading to learn more about the Bugs 5W.

Learn more about the Bugs 5W from MJXOrder the MJX Bugs 5W from TomTop
MJX Bugs 5W
Take a look at the Bugs 5W from all angles

The Bugs 5W looks to be a smaller GPS drone similar to the Bugs 2. Unlike the Bugs 2, the Bugs 5W has 1080p camera that has a remotely adjustable angle. Ths allows the pilot to operate the angle of the camera but does not stabilize the camera while flying. The camera is viewable on your Bugs app via 5G WiFi for a live view. The new and updated app is DJI like in many ways and displays a ton of useful information like battery level and altitude.

Bugs 1080p camera
Take a look at the Bugs 5W camera

The GPS signal will make the Bugs 5W a very stable quadcopter. GPS will give it the Return to Home feature. In case you lose your signal, or the battery is too low or you just want the quadcopter to come back to the takeoff point you flip a switch and it will return to the place you took off.

Bugs 5w vs bugs 2
The newly designed Bugs Go app makes this a much more impressive drone than the Bugs 2.

You can fly the new Bugs 5W using waypoints, but you’ll definitely want to watch our YouTube video above for some super helpful hints. You can also use the 5W to film a point of interest in an orbit style flight path. The Bugs 5W will even follow you if you’d like. In addition to adding new modes, the new Bugs Go app adds a lot of information like satellite signals, altitude and distance from takeoff point. This new app makes the Bugs 5W a superior drone to the previous Bugs 2 or even the popular Hubsan H501S.

bugs 5w gps
The MJX Bugs 5W is a solid GPS drone.

The Bugs 5W has 1806 1800 KV motors that make the quad both efficient and powerful. You will get a solid 15 minutes of flight time. The Bugs 5W has a range of up to 500 meters but the FPV signal will likely be about half of that. It seems to have the same motors that the Bugs 3 series do, which means it will have plenty of power.

bugs 5w vs bugs 2

The MJX Bugs 5W might just be our favorite of the Bugs series.The Bugs 5W looks like it could be a winner.

Learn more about the Bugs 5W from MJXOrder the MJX Bugs 5W from TomTop

bugs 5w vs bugs 3

Compare the MJX Bugs5W motors in black to the Bugs 3 motors in red.

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  4. The bugs 5 is not the best bugs at least not for flying, it takes great pics and videos but it is about as much fun to fly as a brick. I have been trying to find a monitor or something 5g that is not a phone. As usual trying to contact MJX is like trying to converse with a tree. Don’t get me wrong I have a couple of 3’s and 3 mini’s. The best drone from MJX if you like speed acrobatics and absolute control mini is the way to go. The only disadvantage to the 3 mini for me is it can go farther than I can see (in detail) the 3 can range farther but that is not a big deal for me. The 3 and the 3 mini need you they are quad copters, the 5 w is a drone a very boring drone that takes no skill to fly and after $180 you would think that you would need to buy a 5 g phone for another $200. Thanks for the paper weight

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