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Xiaomi MiTu: A Tello Competitor for Less

Xiaomi MiTu

Starting under $80
Xiaomi MiTu

Overall Quality

8.0 /10

Ease of Flying/Stability

9.0 /10


7.0 /10


8.0 /10


8.0 /10


8.0 /10


8.0 /10


  • PROS:
  • Onboard memory
  • 720p camera
  • Very stable
  • CONS:
  • Lack of physical remote
  • No EIS (electronic image stabilization)


  • Range: 100 meters
  • Flight Time: 10 minutes
  • Camera: 720p 2 MP

The Xiaomi MiTu is a small drone that was built to compete with the Ryze Tello. The MiTu has a 2 MP HD camera, optical flow, and some interesting flight modes. The MiTu offers onboard video storage. Will these things be enough to compete with the game-changing Tello? Keep in mind the MiTu also checks in at only $79, so you can save $20 by choosing the MiTu. Let’s take a closer look.

While we do really like this little quad there are three issues we hope Xiaomi addresses before we would recommend it to you. 1. The app is all in Chinese. Now if you are fluent in Mandarin, no problem but for those that aren’t it could be problematic. 2. It requires you to log in each time. This is a pain, but why do you need my email or Facebook info? 3. It seems to be only partially iOS compatible. We had no problem flying on our Android phone, but getting it going on an iPhone was harder. Maybe I just need to brush up on my Chinese…

Xiaomi MiTu

Mitu drone

Take a look at the MiTu from above.

The Xiaomi MiTu is a very stable indoor drone. Its altitude hold works in conjunction with optical flow to help keep it steady. While it won’t do well outdoors in a heavy wind, it certainly can be flown outdoors on good days. This is a good option if you are looking for a small beginner drone.

Xiaomi MiTu Camera

Xiaomi Mitu camera

Take a look at the camera on the Xiaomi MiTu.

The camera on the Xiaomi MiTu is a 2 MP camera. It may not have the optical image stabilization that the Tello does but it can still take quality pictures and videos. Video is recorded in 720p and you’ll have to fly slow and steady to get good footage. The MiTu can store up to 4GB of video onboard. This is a major advantage over the Tello as the Tello has no way to record onboard the drone. With the Tello video is stored on your smartphone and the quality is directly related to the strength of your WiFi signal.

Xiaomi MiTu Features

mitu stability

There appears to be an additional sensor on the rear of the MiTu.

The MiTu is controlled via an app on your smartphone. You can also control it with a Bluetooth controller if you have one. Like most drones in this price range, you can do flips and rolls, change speeds as well as take off and land with the push of a button. One thing that makes the MiTu unique is its “battle mode”. You can shoot infrared “lasers” at other MiTu drones and have a little mini-drone battle. We’ve seen this before with the Cheerson CX-60 and actually really enjoy this feature. It is a lot of fun but you’ll need two MiTus in order to battle.

tello vs mitu

Take a look at the large sonar sensor on the bottom of the MiTu.

The Xiaomi MiTu has a multitude of cameras and sensors all over the quadcopter. This helps the MiTu be one of the most stable drones you can buy under $100. Its stability is on par with the Ryze Tello.

Xiaomi MiTu vs Ryze Tello

Tello vs Mitu

Take a look at the Xiaomi MiTu vs the Ryze Tello

These two drones are very similar, so let’s take a closer look. Let’s start with the cameras. The Tello has a 5 MP camera with optical image stabilization. The Xiaomi MiTu features a 2 MP camera without the ability to stabilize. If you keep the Tello close or add an extender this is definitely a win for the Tello. However, the onboard storage of the Xiaomi MiTu ensures you won’t drop any frames. Verdict: Draw

Ryze Tello vs Xiaomi MiTu

You can see both the Tello and the MiTu have some integrated sensors on the bottom.

The Tello boasts a handful of useful flight modes. You can do dronies, circles and other interesting flight modes in addition to changing speeds and doing flips. The Xiaomi MiTu doesn’t include additional flight modes with the exception of the battle mode, but you’ll need a second MiTu and a drone that can fly to take advantage of that. Verdict: Tello

The Tello has a flight time of 13 minutes and a range of roughly 100 meters. The MiTu falls a little short with a flight time of only ten minutes. The range will be the same as the Tello. You can easily extend the range of either with this quick hack. Verdict: Tello

mitu vs tello

The Tello battery has a large capacity which is a factor in the increased flight time.

The Ryze Tello starts at $99. While that is a pretty solid deal the MiTu will only set you back $79. Verdict: MiTu

Should You Get a Xiaomi MiTu?

Mitu rc drone

You’ll get some propeller guards and an extra set of props with the MiTu

If you are looking for a fun beginner drone that can take decent pictures and video then the MiTu is worth a look. It compares pretty well to the Tello and at $79 is a pretty good deal. No, it isn’t a Mavic Air, but you knew that when you saw it was $600 cheaper. The MiTu is definitely worth a look, especially if you are considering a Tello. Right now the app is only in Chinese, but it is fairly intuitive and we are pretty confident that Xiaomi will release an English update soon.

Order a Xiaomi MiTu
xiaomi mitu quad

Take a look at the MiTu with the propeller guards.

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