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DYS Shark-Mako: The BEST 3S RTF Quad You Can Buy!

DYS Shark Mako

RTF Packages Starting Around $200

Overall Quality















  • PROS:
  • RTF Solution with Good Remote
  • Beeper
  • OSD
  • 3S Power
  • CONS:
  • Doesn't Come with FPV Goggles
  • Not Cheap


  • Size: 100 mm
  • Flight Controller: F4
  • Weight: 92 grams
  • Flight Time: 4-5 min.

The new Shark Mako is the second complete ready-to-fly (RTF) drone setup that DYS has put together. Their first was the DYS Elf and it remains one of our favorite brushless micro FPV setups.  In many ways, the DYS Shark Mako is the upgraded version of the Elf. This larger micro FPV quad has some nice features. How does it stack up? Let’s find out.

What Makes the DYS Shark Mako Unique?

This is one of the really good ready-to-fly quadcopters out there. This micro is a great size for anyone looking to get into FPV racing. It has enough power to satisfy the hard-core racer looking for a micro, but it small enough and stable enough for a newbie to the sport. The included remote control is built well, but with it being FrSky-compatible you can easily upgrade to a Taranis if you decide to get serious.

DYS shark vs elf
The Shark checks in at 141 grams with its battery.

The DYS Shark-Mako was able to withstand some serious crashes as I used it to practice some power looping. I was a little nervous but the plastic frame is sturdy but also has some give to it so it won’t snap on impact. There wasn’t even a scratch on the Mako after flying full speed into the grass. I really like that DYS included OSD and a beeper on this quad. Both of these I think are must-haves for any beginner. I really liked the original DYS Elf but this Mako-Shark definitely takes it to another level.

DYS Shark-Mako Specs

dys brushless motors
The DYS Shark Mako has some powerful 1104 5400KV brushless motors.

The new Shark Mako is a 100 mm micro FPV quadcopter. It features an integrated propeller guard via its ducted design. The Shark features an F4 flight controller and a 4-IN-1 Blheli_S F15A ESCs. The Mako is powered by  BE 1104-5400KV motors that spin 4-blade 2035 propellers. The DYS Shark gets its power from a 3S 11.1v 600 mAh battery. Some people claim to have put 4S batteries on these little machines. That is a whole lot of power for a tiny quad. It generates quite a bit of thrust but it isn’t overpowering for beginners when it is flow on a 3S battery.

DYS Shark mako power
You can see how the DYS stacks up in terms of thrust to weight ratio when tested on a 3S battery

You’ll notice right away this quad is both bigger and a lot more powerful than the original DYS Elf. The DYS Mako has an integrated beeper that is already set up as well as OSD. You can fly the Mako in angle, horizon and acro mode and all settings are customizable in Betaflight. It comes with Betaflight 3.2.2 which is nice. I switched the factory OSD on-off button to anti-turtle mode, but the Shark doesn’t sit quite right to flip over. Perhaps if we extend the dorsal fin a little more it will work.

DYS Shark brushless motor
You can see the USB port and exposed button on the bottom of the DYS Shark-Mako.

DYS Camera and VTX

DYS shark
Take a look a the camera on the DYS Shark Mako

The camera on the DYS Shark has a 150-degree field of view and is NTSC format. The resolution isn’t published but we believe it to be an 800TVL version much like the one on the original Elf. The video transmitter is switchable from 25 to 200 mW. You can angle the camera slightly but it doesn’t allow for a super aggressive amount of tilt.

DYS Shark-Mako a Complete RTF Solution

best dys drone
Take a look at the DYS Shark Mako from above.

Like the Elf before it, the DYS Shark-Mako comes with a remote transmitter. DYS has dubbed their transmitter “Mr. Q”. This transmitter has a nice feel to it. There are dedicated switches for a beeper, OSD, modes, and arming. The transmitter also has a nice LCD screen and can hold an FPV monitor. It really is a nice remote and doesn’t have the cheap feel that many RTF quads are plagued by. The Mako is D8 FrSky compatible, so if you prefer you could bind it to your Taranis. If you are really adventurous you could even bind other D8 compatible FrSky quads to the Mr. Q remote.

DYS Shark vs DYS Elf

DYS shark mako vs elf
Take a look at the DYS Shark and Elf next to their larger XDR200 Racer.

We are big fans of the DYS Elf, so how does the Shark-Mako stack up? For starters, it is both bigger and more powerful. This is a 3S quad with some serious juice. If you are a beginner you’ll want to make sure that you have plenty of space to fly. Like the Elf, the Shark-Mako has OSD and a beeper so you can monitor how much battery you have left and find your quad should you crash. The Shark remote is also an upgrade over the original Elf remote transmitter. The original one had some glitches. This one has a nice feel, is definitely functional and can even hold an FPV monitor should you choose.

Really the difference is power. The Shark-Mako is a micro beast. We wouldn’t recommend it as your very first FPV quad. The Elf is better suited for true beginners. If you don’t think you are quite ready for a powerful 3S racer the DYS Elf is an excellent option. Learn more about the Elf HERE.

Take a look at the DYS Elf
Order the DYS Elf from Gearbest

Should You Get a DYS Mako Shark?

Yes. This thing is awesome. It might just be the perfect beginner racing quad. DYS addressed those that wanted an upgraded Elf and gave them this Shark. You’ll have to pick up your own goggles if you want to fly FPV, but this bad boy is a blast to fly. The RTF package with a remote starts around $200 or you can pick up a PNP version for $50-60 less.

dys fpv brushless drone
You will get everything you see here with the DYS Shark-Mako.
Order the DYS Shark-Mako from Gearbest

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