drone with 360 camera

Drone + 360° Camera = Awesome

The LG 360 Cam is a small and compact 360° camera that is the perfect size to put on a drone. So we thought, why not? We put it on our Phantom 3, Mavic, Bugs 2, Bugs 3 and even the tiny Spark.

LG 360 Cam on drone
Take a look at the LG 360 Cam on our Mavic, Bugs 2, Phantom, Spark and Bugs 3.
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The LG 360 Cam records video up to 2.7K resolution with full 360° coverage. It can be produced to be viewed using YouTube or Facebook’s full 360° emersion, or you can edit it using a third-party editor to zoom, pan, and create some interesting effects.

DJI Spark and LG 360 Cam

We created this Spark 360° video by first editing our raw 360° footage using free editing software provided by Insta360. Anyone can download and use this software – it’s not perfect, but it is still awesome. Did we mention it’s free? After that, we were able to edit it like a normal video. You can’t mix raw 2:1 aspect ratio 360° footage with traditional 16:9 video without it looking weird, so you have to pick one or the other for publishing. We like taking the extra step to edit in Insta360 and create normal 16:9 videos. This gives us the ability to “zoom” in and out and create “tiny planet” views while mixing the 360° footage with various other images and videos.

Here is the same Spark 360° footage but this time it was created to be viewed in the full emersion of 360°. In order to edit full 360° videos like this, you’ll need an editor that can handle the 2:1 video format that YouTube is expecting for a 360° video. If you don’t want to pony up the cash for Final Cut Pro then the cheapest option out there is CyberLink Power Director, you can get it for under $60.

Mavic, Bugs 2, Bugs 3 and more Spark with the LG 360 Cam

Here is some edited 360° footage from the LG 360 camera on our Mavic, MJX Bugs 2, Bugs 3 and Spark. You can see the interesting effects we created by zooming in and out with the Insta360 software.

Full 360° Footage in Mexico

Here is some full 360° footage that we took with the LG 360 Cam on top of the MJX Bugs 3 in Mexico. The Marina El Cid is was a great place to vacation. You’ll feel like your there with us. Look around, enjoy the full 360° view.

More on the LG 360 Cam

We did a full review on the LG 360 Cam. We also did a video review of it. You guessed it, in full 360°. Plus you can see it in action on one more drone. Here we put it on our Phantom 3 Pro.

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Should You Get a 360° Camera?

If you are looking to get some pretty unique videos then you should definitely consider picking up a 360° camera. The LG 360 Cam seems to be perfectly suited for attaching to a drone and is the best value in 360° cameras right now. However, if you want top-notch 360° videos you may want to consider the Garmin VIRB 360. It is waterproof, has four built in microphones and can record full 360° in 4K with video stabilization. The Garmin VIRB 360 even comes with its own software. It is the best 360° camera on the market right now.

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