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JJPRO X3 HAX: A GPS Drone with an HD Camera? Yes, Please…

The new JJRC line of advanced drones, dubbed JJPRO, now includes a brushless GPS-enabled quadcopter, the X3 Hax. This one definitely has some promise. Let’s take a look.

We finally got our hands on one and it is exactly what we hoped. Click here to learn more about the JJRC HAX.

This is the first real low-cost GPS-enabled brushless drone from JJRC. The Hax looks a lot like the popular, but expensive Hubsan H501S. Checking in under $150 makes this quadcopter a steal if it can deliver what it says it can.

HD Camera

The Hax claims to sport a removable WiFi 1080p HD camera. This camera may be decent, but it isn’t on a gimbal and doesn’t have image stabilization. I like that it is removable, that means it can be upgraded or replaced with a better camera. You can pick up a nice action camera on Amazon without breaking the bank.

HD drone jjrc jjpro
The HD camera of the JJRC JJPRO X3 Hax is capable of 1080p HD quality

WiFi FPV typically means there will be a small amount of lag in the video signal. The WiFi transmission will also limit the FPV range of the drone. Thankfully, you can also record directly to an SD card for better quality and not worry so much about the WiFi range.

GPS Enabled Drone

Like most GPS drones, the Hax has a return-to-home feature that you can trigger manually or will occur if you lose signal. If you plan on flying indoors you can rely on altitude hold to keep this quadcopter level. Sadly, the Hax does not seem to have a follow-me or orbit mode.

This is the first drone that JJRC has sold with a nice remote transmitter. While this may not be a high-end luxury remote, it definitely is much nicer than most toy-grade quadcopter remotes.

JJRC remote
It is refreshing that a drone manufacturer finally included a nice remote transmitter. Thanks JJRC.

JJPRO X3 Hax Specs

Wheelbase: 25.5cm
Satellite Positioning Systems: GPS
Quadcopter Camera: HD 1080P
FPV Signal: WIFI
Quadcopter Battery: 2S 7.4V 2000mAh Lipo(Included)
Flying Time: About 15-17mins
Charging Time: About 1-2 Hours
Transmitter Battery: 1.5V 4 X AA (Not Included)
R/C Distance: About 500m
WIFI FPV: About 200m
Motor Type: Brushless
Motor: 1806 2300KV
ESC: Brushless 12A X 4
Memory Card: 4G TF Card (Not Included)
Max Support: 16GB
Color: White
Size & Weight Quadcopter Size: 28.5 X 28.5 X 7.6cm
Quadcopter Weight: 385g (With Battery)

Should I Order a Hax?

While we have yet to test this quad, it does compare pretty favorably to the popular MJX Bugs 2. If you are looking for an inexpensive brushless GPS drone then the JJPRO X3 Hax is definitely worth a shot.

Order a JJRC JJPRO X3 Hax

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