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Jumper T8SG: The Universal Remote for Drones

If you have a lot of drones, chances are you have a lot of remote transmitters. It is a hassle that there are so many different protocols out there: DSMX, ACCST, S-FHSS, AFHDS2A, the list goes on. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had one remote that could control them all? Now there is, the Jumper T8SG. We put the Jumper to the test with several of our drones including small toys, racing drones, and GoPro-carrying hobby drones. Let’s see how it did.

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The Jumper T8SG comes in a nice case and with a handy lanyard.

What makes the Jumper T8SG different?

The Jumper T8SG is unique in one very simple way – it can fly more drones than any other remote can. Normally, all the drones in the picture below would need their own remote, but we were amazed to find out we could fly them all with the Jumper.

Jumper T8sg vesus Devo 7
You can fly a whole lot of drones with the Jumper T8SG multiprotocol radio

Who is this Remote For?

So I know what you are thinking, “I already have a remote for all my drones, why do I need this one?” There are three good reasons why you would want this remote, let’s quickly walk through them.

1. Range

If you have any drone for less than $200, chances are the remote is limiting the range of the drone. With the Jumper T8SG we were able to extend our range by 100-200% or more. Hobby models from Syma are often very limited in range – this is not an issue when we quickly and easily pair them with the Jumper. Small toy and micro FPV drones from Eachine and JJRC also went much further with the Jumper remote.

Best RC Drone Quadcopter remote
Can you find the Jumper? We surrounded it with some of the remotes that it can replace.

2. Better Sticks (MUCH better)

The joysticks or “gimbals” on the Jumper are very good compared to what comes on the remotes of many inexpensive drones. The starkest contrast is comparing the Jumper to micro drones like the Eachine E011 and the RedPawz R010. This remote will turn your little micro into a much more precise flying machine.

Jumper remote with the R010
The short stiff sticks on the stock remote can’t compare with the quality of the Jumper gimbals.

3. Low-Cost Racing Remote

The Jumper T8SG can fly DSMX, ACCST, S-FHSS, and AFHDS2A to name a few. We love our Taranis remote, but it needs to be upgraded with modules to fly multiple protocols. The Jumper costs a fraction of the price and has them all included. You won’t need to pick between Spektrum and Taranis branded remotes, just grab your Jumper and you can fly both. Not bad!

Check out our video below to learn more below.

What Else?

Did we mention you can fly a lot of drones with this remote? Out-of-the-box the Jumper has over 40 different protocols loaded, giving you access to 100s of drones. The Jumper T8SG runs Deviation open source software that can be upgraded to accommodate even more drone protocols.

Jumper t8sg multiprotocol remote
The smaller lightweight Jumper T8SG checks in at 381 grams.

The Jumper comes in a nice carrying case that our more expensive Taranis QX7 remote did not include. The Jumper also comes with a lanyard as well. It is lightweight and smaller than the popular  Taranis. At just 381 grams the Jumper is less than half the weight of our Taranis, so your aching neck will thank you for saving some money with a Jumper. The Jumper runs on a 7.4-volt battery, but that is not included. We’d recommend something like this one.

It isn’t a perfect remote…

It does not have a high-quality look or feel to it. The Taranis QX7 looks and feels nicer in my opinion. The Jumper is more on par with the FlySky i6 remote in terms of feel and quality. We also were not able to pair our Jumper with any of our MJX drones. This isn’t too big a deal because the MJX remotes tend to be of pretty good quality and have a pretty good range.

Jumper T8sg vs Taranis QX7
Take a look at the Jumper T8SG in between the Taranis X9D and QX7. It doesn’t have quite the feel or finish of these expensive remotes.

Ideal for Tiny Whoops

I really like the Jumper if you are into indoor Tiny Whoop-like drones. It turns the E010 and E011 into completely different machines. You get a better feel and the drone seems to be both more responsive and more aggressive. I noticed this especially with my RedPawz R010, which is an excellent low-cost ducted flyer.

Jumper T8sg with E010 E011
The Jumper T8SG is ideal for small micro FPV drones

Setting up new models is pretty simple if you know which protocol to use. It really only takes a few button presses to set up new models. Some of the more advanced drones take longer, in particular, the ones that require Betaflight setup. But know that this remote can fly both simple $15 toy drones and serious racers that cost hundreds of dollars.

Should you get a Jumper T8SG?

If you are looking for a versatile and multiprotocol remote transmitter than the Jumper T8SG is definitely the remote for you. With the ability to For less than $80 it is a steal.

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