Redpawz r010 vs eachine e011

RedPawz R010: A Micro with Serious FPV Potential

RedPawz R010

Starting around $20

Overall Quality


Ease of Use











  • PROS:
  • Quick/Fast
  • Ducted Design
  • Durable
  • CONS:
  • Limited Range
  • Small Factory Remote


  • Flight Time: 5 minutes
  • Range: 30 meters
  • Size: Micro (27 grams)

The RedPawz R010 is a small ducted quadcopter that is almost identical to the Eachine E011, one of our favorites. It is an ideal indoor quad to learn on for beginners and kids, but it can easily be upgraded to carry an FPV camera.  In fact, I plan on adding an FPV camera and flying this little machine indoors all winter. This is an ideal indoor Tiny Whoop and a heck of a deal for about $20.

RedPawz R010
Take a look at the RedPawz and its remote.

The RedPawz R010 is a quick and nimble little quadcopter. The ducted design is nice for a few reasons. It makes it both quieter and more efficient. It also acts as a propeller guard and this tiny drone can bounce off of obstacles and keep on flying.

RedPawz R010 Features

In addition to the nice propeller guards, the R010 has two different speeds. Beginners can start slow and switch to high gear when ready. It also features headless mode and can flip and roll with the press of a button. It is a lightweight drone, at only 27 grams. That helps make it both quick and nimble as well as durable.

Redpawz drone
The RedPawz R010 is a lightweight quad checking it at 27 grams

Upgrade the R010

The R010 is an ideal quadcopter to upgrade to fly FPV. You can purchase an inexpensive camera and replace the canopy and you’ve got what is known as a Tiny Whoop. It will take a little bit of DIY elbow grease. I’d recommend adding some tri-blade props for some extra thrust.

You’ll need a pair of FPV goggles and now you’ve taken drone flying to a whole new level. If DIY isn’t your thing then check out the R011. It is similar to the R010, but has an onboard FPV camera and comes with a pair of goggles. The R011 is one of the better all-in-one FPV packages on the market right now.

Order the RedPawz R011Learn more about the RedPawz R011
redpawz r011 eachine e013
The RedPawz R011 is one of the BEST all in one FPV packages for a beginner.

The included remote control of the R010 definitely has its limitations. It works well enough, but I really enjoy flying it with my Jumper T8SG. The Jumper is a multiprotocol radio. Think of it as a universal remote control for drones. The R010 is much more responsive and has an incredible range on the Jumper. If you plan on Tiny Whoopin’ your RedPawz you’ll want to consider the Jumper.

Order the Jumper T8SGLearn more about the Jumper T8SG
Jumper T8SG
Take a look at the RedPawz with the Jumper T8SG multiprotocol remote

R010 vs E011

Eachine E010 vs Redpawz R010
Take a look at the RedPawz R010 next to an upgraded Eachine E011 rocking an FPV camera and tri-blade props.

The R010 is very similar to the popular Eachine E011. It has the bigger 716 motors which means it has a whole lot of punch. The RedPawz R010 lacks the goofy Lego character that the Eachine comes with and instead has a racer-inspired lightweight canopy. Both drones fly on the same protocol (Bayang) which means I can fly both on my Jumper T8SG remote and forgo the tiny factory remote. The R010 seems to have a little more punch than the E011 and that seems especially true when I fly with the Jumper remote. The E011 does have plug-in motors, so replacing or upgrading them will be easier than replacing the R010 motors, which will require soldering.

Learn more about the E011

Should I Get An R010?

RedPawz Micro Drone
This little quad is great for beginners and is a good platform for upgrading to FPV flight.

If you are looking for a fun indoor flyer I definitely recommend the R010. It is inexpensive, durable and a whole lot of fun. It is excellent for beginners and can also be a great indoor quad for experienced flyers as well. If you want something that is ready for FPV then check out the R011. It comes with FPV goggles and a camera already installed.

Order a RedPawz R010

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