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RC Logger Xtreme V2: An All-in-One Option

The RC Eye Xtreme V2 is a 180 mm all-in-one FPV drone with some intriguing features and specs. The Xtreme V2 is a modular and customizable racer that packs an HD camera that transmits a live 5.8GHz signal to a video screen on the included remote.

RC Logger Xtreme V2 Vantage
The RC Logger Xtreme V2 with the Limited Edition Camo canopy.

What is the Xtreme V2?

It is a hybrid drone of sorts. The Xtreme V2 has altitude hold and HD camera and you can view live video. It also is built to be a beginner FPV racer with multiple flight modes. It is part micro, part racer, part aerial photography drone.

RC Logger Xtreme V2
The RC Logger has aspects from the DJI Spark, DarkMax and Walkera Rodeo.

You can fly this quad in a traditional angle mode, a sport mode, horizon mode as well as a full acro mode. Not only that but you can also turn on altitude hold for increased stability. There is a lot of interesting and needed innovation that went into the development of this quadcopter.

At first glance, there is a lot to like about this quad. The design is modular meaning it is easier to upgrade, customize and repair.  In fact, it ships with at least two canopy color options and if you opt for the premium package including the FPV headset you get a limited edition third camouflage canopy. The propellers are reverse threaded so replacing them is a snap.

RC Logger
Take a look at the RC Logger Xtreme V2 in red.

Four Different Flight Modes

There are four different flight modes so pilots can really grow into this drone. The first two are traditional self-leveling modes with different angle limits. In simple terms low and high speeds. In both of these modes, you can also opt for altitude hold if you choose to help with stability control. If you want to do acrobatics in either of these modes you can do flips and rolls with the push of a button. As you advance in your skills as a pilot you can opt to fly in the next two flight modes that allow for more pilot freedom.

RC Logger Drone
The canopy opens up to insert the battery.

The third mode is called Acrobat and is essentially horizon mode. That means the drone has no angle limits so you can manually flip the quad, but it will self-level. The fourth mode is called Expert and is a full acro mode without self-leveling. This is the mode that FPV racers typically fly in as it allows for more freedom and control, but it certainly takes some time to learn. There is no option to use altitude hold in mode three or four.

Xtreme V2 Vantage drone
Take a look at the Limited Edition RC Logger from above.

Xtreme V2 Remote with FPV Screen

The remote will display on the built-in screen or transmit to the optional goggles.

The remote control has a nice look and feel to it. It has a familiar gamepad layout and style to it. There is a built-in 4.3” screen so you can view the live feed from the Xtreme V2. There are LEDs on the front that indicate which mode you are in and some important indicators on the LCD screen.  There are four buttons to change modes, flip, take pictures/video and toggle on/off altitude hold and they are labeled and in a good position on the back. The sticks/gimbals are plastic, and not as good as a high-end remote. For serious pilots that want to fly on an upgraded remote, the Xtreme V2 is Spektrum compatible and has a PPM port if you’d like to add your own receiver.

RC logger drone
The buttons on the back of the remote are easy to reach and are well labeled.

Xtreme V2 Power

The Xtreme V2 has brushless motors. It ships with a 2S battery, but is also 3S capable. In the future, you will be able to add a long-range VTX and racing propellers to boost the performance of the quad. You can get the Xtreme V2 with their FPV headset or use any 5.8GHz goggles to view the FPV feed. You don’t need to attach a GoPro or action camera to capture HD footage as there is an onboard SD port that will record video. The stock 2S battery makes the V2 feel a little underpowered, so if you are into racing you may want to upgrade the 3S.

V2 Vantage drone
The V2 might be a little heavy for the 2S and should perform better on a 3S battery.

5.8GHz Video

The optional headset does not operate on its own. It does not have an internal antenna, but rather connects directly to a video out port on the remote transmitter and obtains the video signal that way. It isn’t ideal but works quite well. If you preferred an untethered version RC Logger also sells one or you can use your own.

RC Logger Goggles
The goggles connect to the remote via a cord and transmit video to the screen.

Potential Improvements for the Xtreme V2

This drone has a lot going for it, but there is also some room for improvement. I’m not a fan of proprietary batteries and both the one included for the drone and transmitter utilize their own yet different plugs. It would be nice to be able to use some of my own batteries.

Also, the 2S seems a little underpowered for this quad. I understand completely why RC Logger chose the 2S to ship with it as people need to build up to a 3S, but it is a little heavy and could recover much better on 3S. Thankfully it is 3S compatible and that option will be available soon.

Fix RC Logger
JB Weld was only a temporary solution to our broken arm.


The biggest knock on this quadcopter is its durability. The arms of the quad seem a little weak and I did manage to break them on a hard crash on two separate occasions. I understand the fine line between balancing added weight vs stability but a beginner pilot or an FPV pilot want something sturdy. If you are going to fly cautiously or use this for aerial photography that is less of an issue. The modular design makes repairs solderless, but most people probably would rather avoid repairs altogether. We’ll be posting a quick how-to repair video soon.

RC logger
Some time and elbow grease and we repaired the arm with replacement parts from RC Logger.

Final Thoughts on the Xtreme V2

Xtreme V2 Vantage Package
You get quite a bit with the RC Logger Xtreme V2 Vantage package.

Overall this is a well thought out quadcopter with some serious potential to grow with the skills of the pilot. It isn’t perfect but has some interesting innovations. If you want a versatile drone with some power and potential to grow with you as a pilot then the Xtreme V2 is an option. I would have liked to see a little more power and durability, however. 

Order an Xtreme V2
Xtreme drone
The RC Logger Xtreme V2 is easy to customize.


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