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Jumper T8SG Plus: The Newest Multiprotocol Transmitter

The original Jumper T8SG was a revelation. It was the first real multiprotocol remote transmitter you could buy that gave you the freedom to control many different quadcopters.

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Now with the Jumper T8SG Plus, they took the original and upgraded many of the shortcomings that the original radio had. Not only can you fly a bunch of different drones you can also increase your range over a lot of the typical stock remotes.

jumper t8sg plus
The two different Jumper remotes are both excellent choices for anyone with more than one drone.

What’s Different on the T8SG Plus?

best multiprotocol transmitter
The Jumper T8SG Plus is the best mulitprotocol radio on the market

The new Jumper T8SG Plus has some important improvements:

jumper t8sg plus
jumper t8sg
  1.  Upgraded Gimbals– The original gimbals were ok. They were better than toy grade remotes but lacked precision. The new Jumper T8SG Plus uses high-quality Hall gimbals. They feel better and don’t have the dead zones that plagued the original.
  2. Bigger LCD Screen– The new Jumper T8SG will feature a 2.4″ OLED screen instead of the 1.7″ LCD included on the original. This should be both larger and clearer.
  3. More Switches– The original only had 4 shoulder switches, the new Jumper T8SG will have 6. It will also add some rotary dials.
  4. Color– Not that it is important, but the new T8SG will be gold instead of the black and silver design of the original.

    Hall sensor gimbals
    Get a closer look at the Hall gimbals and extra switches on the Jumper T8SG Plus.
  5. Module Bay– The Jumper T8SG Plus adds a module bay for even more versatility and expansion.
  6. PriceThe Jumper T8SG Plus will cost $129.99 whereas the original can be found for around $80. If you are planning on flying toy grade quadcopters you can probably still opt for the original, but if you are looking to pair some race or FPV quads we’d definitely recommend going for the Jumper T8SG Plus.

Why Do You Want a Multiprotocol Radio?

If you have more than one drone then chances are you also have more than one remote transmitter. Hubsan, Syma, MJX, Eachine; they all have different remotes and none of them are compatible with each other. Typically included remotes that come with these drones are also low quality and they have a very limited range. The Jumper T8SG was the solution. You could fly them all on the same remote. Not only that, but the quality of the Jumper is superior and it also extends the range of the quadcopter. We found the range our Whoops and other inexpensive drones were extended by as much as a factor of 5 as compared to the stock remote that came included with the quads.

jumper t8sg plus multiprotocol radio
Take a look at the back of the Jumper T8SG Plus.

But the T8SG can do more than just control toy drones. It also is capable of using popular FPV protocols like FrSky, FlySky, DSMX and more. This new Jumper T8SG Plus has the protocols and now has the precision to reliably fly these hobby-grade FPV quads.

Order a Jumper T8SG Plus 
jumper t8sg plus best drone remote
You’ll get a lanyard and a carrying case with your Jumper T8SG Plus

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