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Eachine QX65, A Tiny Whoop with Solid Upgrades

Eachine QX65

Starting under $60

Overall Quality















  • PROS:
  • Tiltable Camera
  • OSD
  • Beecore V2 FC
  • CONS:
  • 615 motors (I prefer 7mm)
  • 1.25 mm JST battery connector


  • Flight Time: 4-5 min.
  • Camera: 700 TVL
  • Size: 65 mm
  • Weight: 20 grams (26g with battery)

The Eachine QX65 is one of the newer and more inexpensive Tiny Whoops out there. This little whoop has a pretty solid camera and some high RPM motors. They have added OSD and a tiltable camera. Is it the right indoor quad for you? Let’s take a closer look.

Eachine QX65

We’ve been turned off by 6mm Tiny Whoops in the past, mostly because the 7mm and 8mm versions are so much more powerful.  The Eachine Tiny QX65 might be the best of the 6mm group. With its high spinning 615 motors it has enough punch to zip around indoors and if you are a skilled pilot you can even do flips and rolls in acro.

eachine qx65
Take a look at the QX65 from the side

QX65 Hardware

The flight controller is a BeeCore V2 built on an F3 platform. Eachine has incorporated OSD and this quad comes with Betaflight 3.2.2. This is a really solid flight controller and makes this a pretty solid little flyer.

QX65 battery
The upgraded battery on the QX65 is a welcome improvement

You can pick up the Eachine QX65 in the three main protocols, FrSky, Flysky or DSM2/DSMX. We opted for the FrSky version but paired with the ultimate multiprotocol remote the Jumper T8SG Plus. The Jumper, if you aren’t familiar, can fly those three protocols and hundreds of other drones. It is definitely worth a look.

qx65 drone
We paired our Eachine QX65 with the Jumper T8SG Plus.

Without a battery, it will check in at 20 grams and with the high voltage 3.8 250 mAh battery on board, it tips the scales at 26 grams. The larger HV Lipo has a smaller 1.25 mm JST which is a little disappointing as all of our current Tiny Whoops use a 2.0 JST connector. So we’ll be ordering extras in order to increase our flight time.

Eachine Beecore v2
You can see the plugged motors and USB port on the bottom of the QX65.

Tiny QX65 Camera

The camera on the QX65 is a 700 TVL version. The camera is pretty solid but won’t do well in poorly lit areas. It is connected to a 25 mW video transmitter. The transmitter uses a straight whip style antenna. It won’t get reception as well as the egg-beater shaped version, but it also will withstand crashes better. You can adjust the angle of the camera if you are an aggressive pilot.

Eachine QX65
The cover on the top of the QX65 is lightweight with holes in the back so you can reach the buttons to bind or change the VTX channel

Should You Get the Eachine QX65?

If you are looking for a good indoor tiny whoop then take a good hard look at the QX65. It is a nice and durable little indoor flyer. It has a lot of power and is better than any other drone with 6 mm motors that we’ve ever flown.

Order the Eachine QX65

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  1. Bonjour à tous
    Je possède ce pti engin Qx65, et également la Jumper T8SG…. Jusque là, pas de soucis.
    Le qx65 est en Frysky, et Soucis, je n’arrive pas à binder, encore moins, à régler, attribuer sur bêtaflight. D’où pas encore de vol avec.. ☹️☹️
    Sous quel protocole, quel réglage sont à effectuer, car là, je désespére..
    Marci de votre réponse

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