MJX Bugs 250 race drone

MJX Bugs 250: A Carbon Fiber Framed Racer for Beginners

A New Racer

The MJX Bugs 250 is a racing drone that is a step above the new Bugs 8, which MJX is also releasing soon. The Bugs 250 adds a strong carbon fiber frame, a beefier 3S battery and a more powerful FPV transmitter. This new Bugs looks to be a welcome addition to the Bugs lineup that started with popular MJX Bugs 3.

MJX Bugs 250
Take a look at the MJX Bugs 250.

MJX is developing some very interesting brushless drones right now, and the Bugs 250 is one of the most intriguing. It looks to have the features we would expect to find in a racing drone for beginners. Don’t confuse this with a more powerful DIY build, or even the all-in-one DYS Force1 XDR220, but this looks to be a solid first racing quad.

Bugs 250
The MJX Bugs 250 will be 250 mm measured motor to motor.

The MJX Bugs 250 has put powerful brushless motors on a carbon fiber frame. They’ve also done a nice job of protecting components under the “bug’s shell.”

bugs 250
Take a look at the Bugs 250.

All New Transmitter and FPV System from MJX

The newly designed transmitter should give the Bugs 250 a range of 1000 meters and the 500mw FPV transmitter will have the same 1000 meter range.

MJX Bugs transmitter
Have a look at the all new dual antenna MJX Bugs receiver.
Bugs 250 FPV
MJX Bugs 250 remote with 7″ monitor.

The FPV camera on the Bugs 250 will have an 800 TVL (total vertical line) camera that is capable of an HD signal. They’ve designed a quality 6-lens camera that has a 14 mm equivalent focal length and a 120-degree field of view. You will be able to mount the screen on the remote or inside a set of goggles that are specially designed for the screen.

MJX Bugs 250 Monitor and Headset

The powerful brushless motors will all have independent ESCs and safety locking measures to help keep you safe.

Bugs racer
The fun and fast MJX Bugs 250.

The Verdict

The new MJX Bugs 250 looks like it will be a great drone for pilots that are interested in getting into FPV flight or racing. The inclusion of a screen, goggles and a quality camera streaming over 5.8 GHz shows that MJX is paying attention to the market. We are hopeful that the drone will come with some important features like a tiltable camera and the ability to fly in “horizon” and “rate” acrobatic flight modes.

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