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HiteHome 16011 AirBag: A Voice-Command Drone for Beginners

HiteHome 16011 AirBag Quadcopter

Starting at $31.99

Overall Quality


Ease of Flying/Stability













  • PROS:
  • ▪ Great Propeller Guards
  • ▪ Great for Beginner
  • ▪ Unique Design and Features
  • CONS:
  • ▪ Slow
  • ▪ No HD Camera


  • Range: 30 m
  • Flight Time: 6-8 min
  • Size: Small
  • Camera: 0.3 MP

The HiteHome 16011 AirBag Quadcopter is probably the funniest-looking drone on the market right now. It is being marketed toward kids, with the idea that it is a safer alternative to the open propeller designs of most drones. Is this small quad just a gimmick, or is there something to its unique design and feature set?

Blimp drone
The “inner tube” on the outside does a great job of keeping the propellers safe.

An “AirBag” Quadcopter?

This is different, we certainly can’t argue with that. The inner tube propeller guard hides the props safely inside this cute little drone. Does it work? Yes it does. We have bounced this little thing off of the TV, our heads, various house pets and children, and none of them are worse for it.

HiteHome 16011 drone
This is definitely a different quadcopter

The Blimp’s Features

The HiteHome 16011 has some very interesting features. It has the typical altitude hold, auto-takeoff and landing, and headless mode that we have come to expect on most small quadcopters. It has some “waypoint” control, where you can draw a path for it to follow.

Voice Control

The Airbag is the first drone we have ever tested that responds to voice commands. Yes, that’s right, voice commands! If you can talk then you can fly this drone. When yusing this flight mode you speak into your phone, not to the drone directly. It was a lot of fun to try, but you have to speak pretty clearly for it to be accurate. Here is the good news: If the Airbag goes left when you say “back” and the drone hits something, then you probably won’t care. As we mentioned before, it is pretty difficult to damage anything with this well-padded quad.

The blimp comes with an uninspiring 0.3 MP camera. Like most inexpensive quads, this will take decent pictures outdoors and in good light, but it is far from HD quality and will not be on par with most cell phone cameras.

HiteHome drone
Take a look at the bottom of the HiteHome 16011.

The HiteHome doesn’t ship with a dedicated remote, so it will rely on your smartphone for control. It can be a little tricky to use a touchscreen as a remote. Perhaps they expect kids to be able to fly using voice commands. It looks like there may be an RTF (ready-to-fly) model in the works that does ship with a remote control.

blimp drone
This drone is controlled by your smartphone

Should You Get a HiteHome 16011?

Overall, this is a unique take on a drone. HiteHome definitely has a good idea trying to make this a safer unit for children to learn on. If you want something that is safe, cute, and very unique then the Airbag drone is a good choice. You are sure to have some good laughs when flying using voice commands, we certainly did.

HiteHome quadcopter
This is an excellent quadcopter for a beginner or indoor use.
Learn more about the HiteHome Drone from GearBest

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