Jumper T18 Pro

Jumper T18 Pro vs Radiomaster TX16S – Which one should you buy?

The Jumper T18 Pro is the best remote transmitter that Jumper has made to date and I love their radios. This like the others is a multiprotocol radio. That means you can fly almost anything you want with it. But Jumper has taken it up one more notch by adding R9 to this radio. That means you can also fly FrSky R9 long range with the Jumper. This is a first for multiprotocol radios and the only one that has that feature. So this is a slam dunk as the best remote you can buy, right? Well…

Jumper T18 Pro

jumper 18 pro

There are a lot of good things going for the Jumper T18. It looks great. It is multiprotocol. It has R9. There are a handful of improvements over the Jumper T16 also. They have added a dual power button for quick shut off and they solved the pesky ribbon cable problem. The Jumper T18 is an excellent radio but the question is should you buy it instead of the Radiomaster T16?

Jumper T18 Pros

jumper 18 pro vs radiomaster t16

The biggest advantage the T18 has over the Radiomaster T16 is the addition of an internal R9 module. If you like to fly long-range this is an alternative to Crossfire. However, it is limited to 300 mw so the range won’t quite be as far as a dedicated R9 module. Because of the R9 antenna being external the 2.4 ghz antenna is internal. This is nice because it won’t be in the way. The Jumper T18 is lighter and with its folding handle and lack of external antenna is more portable than the Radiomaster T16. There is also an option to upgrade to special Alps RDC90 gimbals instead of Hall sensor gimbals. Honestly, both are excellent gimbals and it is hard to say how excellent these Alps gimbals really are.

Radiomaster TX16S Pros

Radiomaster T16

The Radiomaster has the Jumper beat when it comes to price. The standard Radiomaster starts at $119, and the Hall gimbal version is $149. That is much better than the $169 Jumper T18 with Hall gimbals and the $189 T18 Pro version. There are other little things about the Radiomaster I prefer. The SD card access is at the bottom of the radio, rather than inside of the battery bay like the Jumper. Also the Radiomaster has a larger battery bay, so you can use a big 2S lipo.  Both come with a carrying case, but the Jumper one is slightly nicer if you ask me as it is a zip-up case vs a foam one.

jumper t18 pro
Take a look at the ALPS RDC90 gimbals on the Jumper T18 Pro.

Additionally, the Radiomaster has a better range for 2.4 GHz than the Jumper. PCB antennas are only about 60% as efficient as their standard counterparts. Also, the Radiomaster adds USB-C charging capability and a touchscreen. The Jumper T18 seems like it was rushed to production a bit, whereas the Radiomaster is refined and a better value.

Order the Jumper T18 ProOrder the Radiomaster TX16S

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