Happymodel Moblite7 | Long tiny whoop flights

The Happymodel Moblite7 is a unique tiny whoop. It is ultralight, checking in at only 19.5 grams. It is nearly identical to the Moblite6 but is built on a 75 mm frame utilizing 40 mm propellers. This larger wheelbase allows it to carry a larger battery, makes it more efficient, and gives you epic tiny whoop flight times. If you are looking for a tiny whoop or something to fly indoors then you need to take a look at this quad.

If you already have a Moblite7 and you are looking to upgrade it then you’ll want to check out the video below. We will walk you through some simple mods to make it even better.

Moblite 7

The Moblite 7 is Happymodel’s newest whoop. They took the already awesome Mobula 6, updated the board and motors, then put it on a larger frame. The bigger frame, props, and lightweight when paired with the included 650 mah 1S battery will get you up to 10 minutes of flight time. This is a huge improvement over some fan favorites like the BetaFPV Meteor65. On a good day, I can get close to 3 minutes on my Meteor 65 with a 300 mah battery.


The Moblite 7 uses a diamond-shaped F4 flight controller. It is a true all-in-one board that includes a 5 amp ESC, a FrSky SPI receiver and a VTX that is switchable from 25-200 mW. I paired my Moblite7 with my new Jumper T-Lite and I really like the combo.

moblite 7 camera

The motors are 0802, 19,000KV motors and paired with bi-blade 40 mm propellers that give this little quad plenty of pop. The camera is a RunCam Nano 3 and it is a solid little FPV cam. It is attached in the front of the quad using a TPU mount. It is adjustable and is nice because this placement gets it out of the way of the propellers. You get a clear view of the path ahead of you.

Moblite7 Package

happymodel moblite 7 fpv

Included with the Moblite7 you’ll get a carrying case, two 650 1S batteries, a USB charger, some stickers, and an extra frame. The frame has held up well for me in crashes and as a bonus actually glows in the dark. You can even program the LEDs on the Moblite7 to change colors as you wish. This little quad is an excellent drone and if you want something to fly indoors it is hard to beat. The only knocks on this little quad are its stripped-down nature leaves it more susceptical to damage in crashes and it isn’t quite as maneuverable as its smaller 65 mm counterparts. That said it is hard to beat the 10 minute flight time and solid flight characteristics. Stay tuned for a review of the similar Moblite6.

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