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BetaFPV Meteor 65 – Is this the BEST tiny whoop?

The Meteor65 is an excellent little whoop and with the winter weather on the way picking one up might just be a solid idea. This tiny little whoop is one of the best you can buy. Would I choose this or the Mobula 6? Let’s find out.

BetaFPV Meteor65

This is the second Meteor65 I’ve flown but it is different than the one that comes in the RTF kit that I reviewed earlier. This one uses an AIO F4 flight controller that you can customize in Betaflight. The RTF version uses a silverware based flight controller and is not customizable.

I picked up a Frsky version and I was surprised to see that I had to bind it in D16 mode, not D8. I used my awesome Radiomaster T16 to pilot this tiny quad. It also seems odd to me to use such a large controller for such a little drone but it is just so much nicer than any of the smaller options.

The Metor65 weighs only 22 grams and I have the version with the 0802, 22,oooKV motors. It’s a standard 65 mm quad and uses 31mm tri-blade propellers. There is a 19,000KV version that won’t be quite as fast or as punchy but you can expect to get 3-4 minutes of flight time vs 2 minutes with the high KV motors. The tiny 800TVL camera is good and the VTX is adequate.

The Meteor65 uses the BT2.0 connector. It is more efficient and allows for a better more consistent flight vs a standard PH2.o connector. When you purchase the BetaFPV Meteor65 you get the drone, two 300 mah batteries, a charger/battery tester, an extra set of props, a tiny screwdriver, and a little carrying case.

Meteor 65 vs Mobula 6

If you are looking for a tiny whoop then there are two really good options. The Meteor65 or the Mobula6. It is hard to say one is really better than the other. The biggest difference is the battery connector. While BT2.0 is definitely the superior connector the batteries are nearly as readily available. If you already have a handful of whoop batteries and don’t want to convert then I’d stick with the Mobula 6. Otherwise, the Meteor65 is just a tiny bit better, maybe. There isn’t a wrong answer here.

Check the price of the Meteor65

Check the price of the Mobula6

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