BetaFPV Meteor65 RTF

BetaFPV Meteor65 – The best beginner FPV kit you can buy!

I love flying FPV but it is unnecessarily complicated and difficult for beginners to get into the hobby. This ready to go kit from BetaFPV takes away a lot of the headaches that newbies to the hobby will encounter. I love the drone. I love the remote. I love the goggles for a beginner. I love the case and the extras that come with it. You can just plug it in and fly, no Betaflight needed. It even includes the awesome Meteor65. Sounds just about perfect…well almost.

BetaFPV Meteor65 FPV Whoop Racing Advanced Kit

BetaFPV meteor65 rtf

You will get everything you’ll need when you buy this ready to fly kit from BetaFPV. They have been making quality microdrones for a while and the BetaFPV Meteor 65 lite included in this kit is a good drone. It uses 0802, 19,500KV brushless motors. The quad will fly on 1S batteries and you’ll get two 4300 mah batteries with the BT2.0 connectors. That is nice because it limits voltage sag, but if you have traditional PH2.0 batteries you’ll have to adapt them to use them with this drone. This drone is lightweight, only 22 grams, and is incredibly quick and nimble.

BetaFPV Meteor65 RTF

The camera is decent but I didn’t get a good signal from the 25/200 mw VTX. In fact, I’m not certain that it is even really switchable. This VTX is terrible and I could barely fly outside of my backyard without losing the signal. Angling the antenna upward helped a bit but it still isn’t very good. I don’t often recommend changing parts but swapping this VTX is a good idea.

BetaFPV LiteRadio 2 Transmitter

betafpv literadio 2

The best part about this kit might just be the LiteRadio 2 Transmitter that is included with the kit. It is small and lightweight and has a familiar gamepad style feel to it. The gimbals feel good and the switches are solid. It is FrSky D8 and D16 compatible so you have fly other drones with it. It uses OpenTX and you can connect it to your computer to configure it or use it as a simulator. I would say the BetaFPV LiteRadio 2 is the best beginner remote transmitter on the market right now and is a great place to start if you were to build your own kit. You can pick it up independently from the kit for only $39.99.BetaFPV Meteor65 RTF

The only issue is that this cheap controller is ithat there have been quality control issues stated by a handful of people. I’ve flown with two of these radios. One was perfectly fine and the other one had issues with one of the switches.

BetaFPV Goggles

These are pretty standard FPV box goggles. They have a good 800 x 480 resolution screen. The battery is internal and charges via micro-USB. They utilize diversity antennas and even have a DVR so you can record your own flights. They aren’t overly comfortable but I haven’t found a pair of box goggles that are.

Meteor65 FPV

The Meteor 65 is an excellent little flyer and this kit is excellent. It is the best ready to fly, out of the box FPV kit you can buy right now. I prefer this BetaFPV version to the Meteor75 version as I think this smaller drone is better suited to beginners. It may not have the punch of its larger brother, but it is more stable and more maneuverable. The choice to include Silverware firmware instead of Betaflight is nice because it requires no setup but also doesn’t allow for customizability that Betaflight does. So it has both pros and cons. Overall this is an excellent starter package for anyone looking into getting into FPV. This all-in-one package starts right around $200.

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BetaFPV Meteor65 RTF

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