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Mobula 6 – This is the whoop you want!

I love flying tiny whoops. They are great for beginners but still offer challenges to more advanced pilots. They can be flown indoors and out and aren’t a danger to you or your surroundings.

The new Happymodel Mobula 6 is the best tiny whoop you can get right now. Yes, it is that good. It is super light, incredibly quick, stable and durable. It is everything you want in a whoop. Stop reading now or you will be out $85.

mobula 6 vs mobula 7
Take a look at how the Mobula 6 stacks up vs the Mobula 7.

Happymodel Mobula 6

The new Mobula 6 is an excellent little tiny whoop. It is a 65mm whoop that is just under 28 grams including the 300 mah 1S battery. The flight controller is an F4 with a built-in 4 amp, 4-in-1 ESC and 25 mw VTX. The camera is the incredibly small Runcam Nano 3. You can get it with either a FrSky or Flysky SPI receiver. The motors are 0802 brushless motors and come in either 19,000 or 25,000 KV. The propellers are Gemfan 1219 tri-blades and offer a nice grip.

best brushless tiny whoop

If you aren’t sure which one to pick up I’d recommend the 19,000 KV for most people. It is still darn powerful but you’ll get longer flight times. The 25,000 KV motors are insanely fast and if you are a Tiny Whoop racer this may be the option for you. Expect to get more power but flight times will be cut by around 30 seconds.

mobula6 motors

Why is the Mobula 6 so great?

This little drone doesn’t look all that different from most brushless 65 mm whoops on the surface. It is the little things that really separate the Mobula6 apart from the rest of the whoops. It is lighter, faster and more durable than its competitors. Happymodel has been developing whoops for a while and this little guy takes a lot of the things they’ve learned and combines them.

Mobula 6 flight controller

When it comes to whooping lighter is better and there isn’t one that can compete with the Mobula 6. The new all in one flight controller and Runcam Nano 3 are two components you won’t find on other whoops (yet) and they make this little guy a winner. It is really that simple. Two new lightweight components that work well give it the edge. Smaller is better in the world of whoops. This camera, in particular, is incredible. I can’t believe how small it is. By combining the flight controller, ESC, VTX and receiver all in one board you are saving precious little grams.

happymodel mobula6 vs mobula7

Mobula 6 Pros vs Cons

The Mobula 6 is a great indoor whoop. Yes, you can fly it outside. Yes, you can fly it acro. However, this drone was built to master the indoor whoop races and that is what it is best for. If you like flying in tight places or want to zip around your house this absolutely is the drone for you. Keep in mind that it won’t perform well in wind and you won’t get great range with the built-in receiver. If you are looking for a good indoor whoop for the winter season I’d start with the Mobula 6. It is hard to beat for just $85 and comes with four 300 mah batteries and an extra set of props.

Check the price of the Happymodel Mobula 6

happymodel mobula 6 unboxing

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This is just a small sampling of the whoops I’ve been flying

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