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Happymodel Moblite 6 | My favorite whoop

The new Happymodel Moblite 6 is a great little 65 mm tiny whoop. It is lighter and faster than my previous favorite the Mobula 6. In many ways they are similar, but in the end, the Moblite 6 is the better of the two. A lot of people really like the Moblite7 and for good reason. With a 10 minute flight time, it blows most whoops out of the water. However I’d still opt for the Moblite6. Let me explain.

Happymodel Moblite 6

The new Happymodel Moblite6 is very much a refresh of the popular Mobula 6. It uses new unibell 0802 19,000KV motors. The flight controller is a redesigned F4 that has a built-in SPI receiver as well as VTX. The VTX is switchable from 25 to 200 mw. The Moblite6 uses the Runcam Nano 3. It only weighs 18.5 grams and that allows it to be incredibly quick and nimble for a whoop. You’ll get two 300 mah 1S batteries and they’ll connect via a standard PH 2.0 connector.

moblite6 motor

The lighter weight makes the Moblite6 more nimble and agile than both the larger Moblite7 as well as the older Mobula 6. On a typical 300 mah battery you can expect to get upwards of 4 minutes of flight time and if you are flying conservatively up to 5 minutes. While that may not be the 10 minute flight time of the Moblite7, I would still sacrifice the flight time for the excellent handling. The throttle control on the Moblite6 is the best I’ve had on a tiny whoop.

moblite6 weight

Moblite6 Cons

The Moblite 6 is a lot of fun to fly but it isn’t perfect. The biggest issue is the lack of protection for the flight controller. There is a small TPU strap that lightly shields the FC, but it remains largely exposed. Making it light certainly comes at a cost. Also the TPU mount serves to hold the camera but many people find it doesn’t hold it quite tight enough. I found adding an extra screw in the front near the camera was helpful. Also I’d recommend rerouting the long antenna so it doesn’t get caught in the props and securing the UFL connector with a dab of hot glue to ensure it won’t come loose in a crash.

moblite6 flight controller

Overall the Moblite 6 is an excellent whoop. If you are looking for something to fly indoors this is a great place to start. You’ll get the whoop, an extra frame, two batteries, charger, stickers and a few extra screws all in a nice little carrying case. It is a solid option for $90.

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moblite 6

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