Eachine BAT QX105

Eachine BAT QX105: A Mean Machine

Eachine has been churning out affordable brushed FPV micro drones lately and the BAT QX105 is one of the latest examples. It is on the larger end of the micro drone spectrum but has some definite advantages over some of the other drones they have produced. It has “Black Edition” 1020 coreless brushed motors that are bigger and beefier than the QX70, QX90 and QX95.
Those larger motors are attached to larger propellers and help generate a lot of power for this small drone. The BAT is fast and quick making it a fun micro FPV drone. On top of that, it looks plain ol’ mean. Eachine added some “bat” styling cues on the carbon fiber frame to give this drone a little bit of flare.
Eachine BAT QX105
Notice the pointed tips on the carbon fiber frame. They look cool, but add no real functionality.
The onboard camera is a 600 TVL that sends the signal via a 25mW transmitter. The 600 TVL (total vertical lines) camera is decent and comparable to a 720p picture. The FPV camera has an adjustable angle which is nice for the beginner as well as the advanced pilot.
Eachine BAT QX105
The BAT is fully customizable in BetaFlight and comes in the standard three flavor varieties: DSM, Frsky or Flysky. We opted for the Flysky version and it paired quickly with our i6 remote. We programmed it to fly in Rate mode as well as Angle mode. There was even a way to program a buzzer so you could flip the switch and help locate your drone.
The BAT is an excellent drone to learn more about BetaFlight. Tuning isn’t difficult, but takes some time to learn how to do it.
Eachine BAT QX105
Rate mode? Angle mode? Rate mode is a more advanced manner of flying. It allows you to be more precise and execute complicated maneuvers. Angle mode is a tamer way of flying and the drone won’t fly past a set angle, typically around 50 degrees. We recommend flying in Angle mode for beginners.
The Bat was a lot of fun until we crashed it. While the carbon fiber frame is strong it lacks support in some of the obvious places. After a fairly simple repair, it was ready to get back in the air,  We ordered a second frame to reinforce the weak points on the BAT.
The Eachine BAT QX105 Specs:
Size: 105 mm (diagonal motor to motor)
Weight: 75g
Camera: 600TVL HD CMOS 1/4inch (adjustable angle)
VTX: 5.8g 25MW 48CH NTSC/PAL Video transmitter
Battery: 3.7V 600mah Lipo battery
Motors: 1020 Black Edition Coreless brushed
OSD: Betaflight
Eachine has even created a second version of the BAT called the VTail QX110. It loses the fancy bat details but adds an interesting design twist with the two rear motors. We aren’t sure that the angle of the rear motors helps in any particular way, but it does look cool. The VTail QX110 is slightly larger measuring 110 mm diagonally from motor to motor instead of the 105 mm of the BAT. Maybe it needs the extra 5 mm to create clearance for the props.

Eachine Vtail
Take a look at those two rear motors!
Eachine has some other small drones worth checking out. The QX90 is a fan favorite. You can read more about that one here.

QX90 vs QX105
The small QX90 and the larger BAT QX105
If you want to go smaller the E010C is a load of fun and hard to beat at under $40. The E010S allows you to pair it to your own remote for much better control and range.
Eachine E010C
Eachine E010C with FPV camera is hard to be for under $40.
For those that are ready for an upgrade and some speed, but want to stay small check out the Eachine Aurora lineup. You’ll move from small brushed motors to powerful and efficient brushless motors but still maintain the small form factor. It is hard to beat brushless motor drones for almost any application. Brushless motors are a significant improvement and after you’ve gotten the hang of an inexpensive brushed motor drone you definitely should look into a brushless motor quad.
Aurora 90
The small Aurora 68 is about the size of the E010. The Aurora 100 in the center is about the size of the BAT and the Aurora 90 matches with the QX90.


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