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DJI Mavic Standard: The Affordable, Portable Drone

There has been a lot of talk recently about DJI’s next version of the Mavic. We’ve speculated about some awesome improvements that might be included in the Mavic 2, but an upgrade to the Mavic Pro may not be the next drone in DJI’s folding drone line-up. It is quite possible that the next Mavic will be a more affordable, pared down, version of the Mavic, dubbed the Mavic Standard.

DJI Mavic Pro

This would not be a new course for DJI, and it would be similar to what they did when they released the Phantom 3 Standard after the Professional and Advanced versions were launched. The more affordable Phantom 3 Standard has been a very popular drone for the first-time buyer.

The Mavic Standard will most likely lose the obstacle avoidance sensors. Like the Phantom 3 Standard, it will also probably be limited to a WiFi FVP signal rather than the Lightbridge connection that you’ll find on the more expensive DJI models. With the WiFi connection comes shorter range. The P3 Standard has a range of 1 kilometer and we would expect the Mavic Standard to be limited to a similar distance.

DJI Mavic Pro

We expect the Mavic Standard to have the same compact/foldable design as the Pro

The Mavic Standard could be shipped without a remote to keep the cost down. It is also possible that it ships with a stripped-down version of the Pro remote.

Mavic sensors

Will the Mavic Standard keep the sensors on the bottom of the drone? We hope so.

DJI does frequently push firmware updates and it is likely that the Mavic Pro gains some new capabilities that the Mavic Standard will not. In fact, we would bet that the firmware updates to the Pro will happen at the same time the Standard is released. A release of new features for the Pro will help to better differentiate the Mavic Pro and continue to justify its higher price point.

It would be nice to see the Mavic Standard start around $599 without a remote. That would make it affordable for a lot more people. However, the Pro will remain the top tier foldable drone and a clear upgrade for a couple hundred dollars more.

Want to Upgrade Your Mavic Pro or Standard?

If you want to upgrade your current Mavic Pro (or Mavic Standard), make sure you check out our Mavic aStore that designed to help you find all your Mavic needs quickly, conveniently and easily. Click here to check out awesome Mavic accessories.

DJI has Even More New Drones on the Way

You didn’t think the Mavic standard was the only drone DJI might be releasing this year, did you? Here are some of the other drones we think they are working on.

DJI Spark
DJI Spark

HC rendering of the upcoming Spark

DJI seems to be working on an entry-level drone called the Spark. It should be the most affordable drone DJI has ever created. Click here for more about the DJI Spark, view a complete 3D rendering, or even download a CAD model of what this drone is likely to look like. We are printing the model ourselves, look for it in an upcoming YouTube video.

DJI Mavic 2

This drone should be a game-changer again from DJI. We’d love to see better sensors, an upgraded camera and maybe even a 360° camera. Read more about our thoughts on the upcoming Mavic 2 here.

Mavic 2

DJI Phantom 5

This drone should again set the bar for consumer drones. We hope to see retractable legs, waterproofing and more. Read about what we see coming for the Phantom 5 here.

Phantom Five

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