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CX-60 Battle Drones Logo

Battle Drones: The Cheerson CX-60 is a Blast, Literally!

Let the battle begin! Remember playing laser tag as a kid? How fun would that be if you could do that with a drone? Well, now you can because Cheerson has developed battle drones. The CX-60 is a ducted, infrared-light-shooting, combat drone. These fun drones are sold in pairs and are a blast to fly,…

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Bugs 3

MJX Bugs 3: A Fun, Fast and Affordable Brushless Motor Drone

The MJX Bugs 3 is an awesome and versatile drone. You can fly it fast like a racer, or you can add a gimbal or even a 360° camera for awesome footage. The MJX Bugs 3 is a fun and affordable brushless motor drone. Strangely, MJX skipped the Bugs 1 and 2 models and went…

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JJRC X2/JJPRO X2: Looking for an Affordable Brushless Drone?

The JJRC X2 (also known as the JJPRO X2) is the new and updated version of the JJRC X1. This is a small and affordable brushless motor drone. Brushless motor? Why is that important? Without getting too technical, brushless motors are more efficient, more powerful and last much longer than traditional brushed motors. They also…

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Best drone under 50

What is the Best Drone Under $50?

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to enjoy piloting a drone. In fact, we would highly recommend that your first drone be an inexpensive one. You will crash. It happens, and you don’t want to have to worry about a $1000 investment. Start with one of these drones. They all start under…

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JJRC X1 Brushless drone

JJRC X1: The Original Affordable Brushless Motor Drone

The JJRC X1 is the original affordable brushless drone. It is a fun, fast and agile little flyer. If you are new to brushless drones or not sure why that matters, let us explain. Without getting too technical, brushless motors are more efficient, more powerful and last much longer than brushed motors. They also are…

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SkyViper v2400HD

Sky Viper v2400HD – Two Drones for the Price of One?

The Sky Viper v2400HD is a small and sporty camera drone with a unique ability to fly with or without altitude hold. Why is this so important? There is a strong likelihood that someone will pilot this drone who has never flown before, therefore the ability to turn on altitude hold can be an incredibly helpful feature…

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X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter Drone

A Star Wars Drone May the Force be with You

What could be more fun than a Star Wars drone? Air Hogs has built some fun Star Wars themed drones for you to fly at home or in a galaxy far, far away. They are some of the more unique drones on the market today. Fly the Millennium Falcon, TIE fighter, a speeder bike or…

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Eachine E010

Eachine E010: This May Be the BEST Beginner Drone!

The Eachine E010 is an unapologetic clone of the original Inductrix from Horizon Hobby. This micro flyer is an great indoor drone that can pinball off walls and keep on going. The ducted propellers help keep it quiet, aid in efficiency and are excellent propeller guards. Its small size, durability and ability to be upgraded make this an…

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Bionic Bird 2

Bionic Bird: Fly the Bird with Your Smartphone

It’s a bird… It’s a plane…It’s a drone? Wait, it is a bird. The Bionic Bird is one of the most unique drones we have ever flown. It looks like a bird and flies like a bird by flapping its wings. It is small, about the size of a Robin. The Bionic Bird was created…

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Hubsan Q4 H111 Estes Proto X Nano Drone

Hubsan Q4 World’s Smallest Quadcopter

This tiny little drone packs quite a punch.  Hubsan claims the Q4 is the world’s smallest quadcopter.  We can’t verify that it takes that record, but it is small and a lot of fun to fly.  This micro drone is smaller and lighter than the more common Cheerson CX-10.  Both of those aspects make it…

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