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Force1 Halo 3000: An Awesome Beginner Drone with a Hidden Feature

Force1 Halo 3000

Starting under $60

Overall Quality


Ease of Use











  • PROS:
  • Very Stable
  • Excellent Design
  • CONS:
  • No Camera


  • Flight Time: 9 minutes
  • Range: 50 meters

The Halo 3000 is quickly becoming one of my favorite drones. It is very easy to fly, it is extremely durable and the Halo’s LED lights look great in the dark. Both my 8-year-old son and 9-year-old daughter love to fly it the Halo 3000 and I think that speaks a lot as to how easy it is to fly. It also has some nice features and an added bonus.

Spinning view of the Force1 Halo 3000
Take a look at the Halo 3000.

Halo 3000 Design

First, the design of this drone is solid. It is well built and the ducted propeller design does a good job of keeping fingers away from spinning propellers. The guards also act as a bumper keeping the drone away from obstacles and keeping the props safe. We have slammed this drone about 100 times into the ground and into walls without needing to replace a single propeller.

The LEDs are very bright and make it easy for the pilot to understand which is the front and rear of the drone. I don’t recommend flying most drones at dusk or in the dark, but this drone sometimes is even more fun in the dark. My kids request to fly it in the basement with the lights off even.

Note that in the US the FAA requires that you have a special waiver to legally fly outdoors at night. Some have interpreted FAA jurisdiction to end at the treeline. Note that we are not lawyers and we are not providing legal advice.

Force1 Halo 3000 night and day
The Halo 3000 looks good in the light and dark.

Halo 3000 Features

The Halo 3000 has some really nice features. Altitude hold on the drone works well and is the big reason this quadcopter is so easy to fly. Automatic takeoff and landing work flawlessly also. There are high and low speeds and the Halo will do flips with the push of a button. You’ll get two batteries with the Halo 3000 so you can double its 9 minute flight time to 18 minutes of fun.

Force1 Halo 3000 in the box
You’ll get everything you see here with the Halo 3000.

Built-in Safety

The Halo 3000 will shut off if it crashes or something interferes with the propellers. This is a very good safety feature that will keep the motors from burning out and reduce the risk of accidents. The ducted propeller design also helps keep the drone from damaging obstacles and the propellers.

Halo 3000 drone from force1 top view
Take a look at the Halo 300 from the top.

Create Works of Art with the Halo 3000

We also found that you can create unique light paintings with this drone. Flying the Halo 3000 in the dark and taking a long exposure picture will produce stunning results like the one you see below. It is a fun little trick that produces some interesting works of art. Learn more about how we did this in our article about light painting with drones. Or watch the video below.

Arches painted by light from Halo 3000

Drone flips recorded in a light painting
These are examples of light paintings done by photographing the Halo 3000 with long exposure.

Potential Improvements

The Halo 3000 doesn’t have a camera, so, unfortunately, you can’t take any pictures or record videos of your flights. It also is not a very fast drone. Both of these are downsides to this drone, but ultimately are ok as this drone really is best suited for a beginner. Cameras and super fast speeds can be distractions or deterrents to learning how to fly well.

Bottom of the Force 1 Halo 3000
The battery fits snugly in the bottom of the Halo 3000.

Should you order a Halo 3000?

We would definitely recommend the Halo 3000 as a fun drone for a beginner. If you are an artist and want to create some spectacular art with an entirely new medium then you’ll want to look into the Halo 3000 as well. Happy flying.

Order a Force1 Halo 3000
Halo 3000 in front of light painting it created
Have a look at the Halo 3000 Force1 Drone in front of one of its light paintings.

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