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Why you want a Remote Drone Pilot License

So you don’t want to be a commercial pilot? Well if you want to fly your drone just about anywhere you still may want to get a remote pilot license. Let’s take a look at what the FAA says about hobbyist pilots. I found the following text in the Interpretation of the Special Rule for…

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CAVU – America’s Largest Aerial Photography Company

Recently we had a chance to sit down with and talk to Dan Isaacson the CEO of CAVU and Kate Isaacson, his wife and VP of Digital Content. It was great to talk with someone as passionate about the drone industry as we are. Dan has some fantastic ideas and really is a visionary in the drone industry….

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Parrot Camera Fix Tools

Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Camera Fix

If you are like us, maybe you got a Parrot AR.Done 2.0 with an out of focus camera. Several customers have had this issue. Laughably, one customer even noticed that some close-up palm trees in a Parrot promotional video were in good focus while things further away were blurry. Even their promo videos show the problem! As for…

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Drone Pilot Ground School from UAV Coach

Drone Pilot Flight School and UAV Coach.com

Everyone needs a coach. The best bang for your buck for personal development is to hire a coach.  This philosophy has transcended sports and is making its way into the business and educational sectors.  Highly successful CEOs now hire coaches to help them make better decisions.  The best school districts in the country employ instructional coaches for…

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Verifly On-Demand Drone Insurance

Verifly is a one of a kind on-demand drone insurance company.  You can use Verifly like you would Uber.  You only pay for insurance when you think you’ll need it.  Verifly operates via an app (iOS and Android). The process is fairly simple. First you need to download the app.  Then you will need to…

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Pokémon GO

Pokemon GO and Drones – Fact and Fiction

Can you use your drone to play Pokemon GO? Half Chrome couldn’t help but notice the countless people wandering the streets starting at Pokemon Go on their phones. For better or worse (we don’t judge) the Poké-craze is here. There has been much said about what roles drones can and will play in Pokémon Go, We are…

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FAA & Your Drone

Drone laws can be confusing. The Drone Guyz have put together a lot of good information and links to the FAA’s website. There is even an app to help you know more about flying your drone.


Register Your Drone

Here is information on how to register your drone with the FAA as well as a link to their site. Registration is only $5 and should only be done through the FAA.

Phantom 4 Camera

Camera and Video Terminology

There are a lot of important things to know about taking pictures and videos with your drone. Click here to learn more.

Drone Jargon and Features Description

What is headless mode? What is CF mode? What is FPV? There are many drone related terms. The Drone Guyz will help you understand some of the common ones.

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