Verifly On-Demand Drone Insurance

Verifly drone insurance

Verifly is a one of a kind on-demand drone insurance company.  You can use Verifly like you would Uber.  You only pay for insurance when you think you’ll need it.  Verifly operates via an app (iOS and Android).

The process is fairly simple. First you need to download the app.  Then you will need to set up an account. After you have done that you will have to tell Verifly where you are going to be flying and for how long.  They will calculate your premium, or cost per hour based on your location, type of drone, wind and other factors.  You can then decide if you want coverage and click the button. Verifly will then provide you with proof of insurance and a timer that tells you how much time you have left on your coverage policy. (Quite the handy feature.)

Verifly drone insurance

The insurance policies are underwritten by Global Aerospace, Inc.  Their policies start at just $10/hour.  You will have to provide them with access to your drone and your flying logs in the case you have to file a claim.

Their approach to insurance is an interesting one and certainly gives drone pilots another option.  A lot of pilots choose to insure through their R/C clubs, but that often requires a subscription and also does not cover commercial use.  Verifly does cover commercial use.


Verifly is active in 48 states and is worth looking into for some easy piece of mind. Unfortunately for Half Chrome Verifly is not active in the state that we fly in the most. We have signed up for an account and look forward to testing their policies in the future. Hopefully you won’t ever have to make a claim, but unfortunately accidents do happen.  Verifly is an interesting option because drones are unmanned machines and you never know what could happen.

Click HERE to go to Verifly’s website for more information.  


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