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Phantom Alternative

Want to Build a Phantom Alternative for Less Than $200?

Do you want to create a drone that can take steady videos and sharp photos similar to those from more expensive drones like the Phantom 4 Pro, but spend less than $200? That’s what we did. Check out our footage from the beautiful Maya Rivera. We might just have a solution. If you already have…

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How to FPV

FPV 101: What You Need to Know to Start Flying First Person View

Flying a drone is a fun experience, but flying FPV takes that experience to a whole new level. FPV, or first person view, puts you in the cockpit of your quad. You and your machine become one as you feel every loop, dive, and turn. It is a thrill and has been growing in popularity….

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This Drone Guy passed the Remote Pilot exam!

How I Passed the FAA Remote Pilot Exam (The Drone Test)

So you want to fly a drone commercially. Or maybe you just want to be able to fly your drone in a lot more places than a hobbyist. As of August 29 you need to pass a test issued by the FAA. This Drone Guy spent two weeks studying and passed with flying colors.  I…

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CES 2017 Drone Round-up: The Best Drone Info from CES is HERE

It was another big year for drones at CES, and Half Chrome was there to see what was new. There was plenty to see and there are some new and exciting things on the horizon. We will go through some of the most interesting drones that we saw at CES. Jump to the section that…

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STEM Drones

Drones in Education: Opportunities for Educators

As the popularity of drones continues to grow, so do the opportunities for drones in education. Designing, building, testing and programming drones are all opportunities to help build problem-solving skills and teamwork. That is why Half Chrome is a proud sponsor of the IL Flipped and Blended Learning Conference.  Drones cover several disciplines including physics,…

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takeoff graph

Vertical Takeoff Speed Test

Here at Half Chrome we like to test the performance of our drones. A key metric for drones is their thrust-to-weight ratio. This tells you how much vertical thrust the props generate compared to the size of the drone. Drones with lots of thrust compared to their weight tend to be able to accelerate upwards faster,…

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Phantom 4 Camera

Camera Quality Comparison

We do side-by-side comparisons between comparative products, and the results are in! We also show comparisons to the most used camera in the world – the iPhone. In our case, we are using the iPhone 6s. We could put up all kinds of numbers to quantify the image quality, but we don’t find that particularly telling….

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3D Printed Parts

Where to Find a 3D Printer for Your Drone Parts

Drones and 3D printers go hand-in-hand these days. Having access to a 3D printer is important if you want to replace parts or even create new and improved parts for your drones. Tiny Whoop frames, legs extensions, and camera mounts are just some of the parts we have designed here at Half Chrome. You can…

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312 UAV Drone Store

312UAV Drone Store

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could walk into a store and talk to someone that actually knew something about the drones on the shelf? Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a store specialized in drones? The 312UAV Drone Store is that place. Located in downtown Chicago, Stan Miskiewicz has been selling drones and…

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Detour Sunglasses: The Official Shades of Half Chrome

Have you noticed that the Half Chrome Guys are usually sporting some stylish shades? Did you want to know how you could get your hands on a pair? Well we’ve partnered up with Detour Sunglasses to protect our pilot’s eyes from the sun and an errant prop or two. Detour Sunglasses makes high quality sunglasses…

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