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Drones in Education: Opportunities for Educators

As the popularity of drones continues to grow, so do the opportunities for drones in education. Designing, building, testing and programming drones are all opportunities to help build problem-solving skills and teamwork. That is why Half Chrome is a proud sponsor of the IL Flipped and Blended Learning Conference. 

Drones cover several disciplines including physics, mechanics, electrical systems, coding, modeling, photography, and engineering. There are countless STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) classes and PLTW (Project Lead the Way) programs across the nation and drones are quickly becoming part of the curriculum.  Drone-based high school classes are already popping up across the United States. In these classes students design the drones, build them, fit them with 3D printed parts of their own design, test them, and even race them against other schools.

Drones in education
Various drones set up on a high school lab table during drone club

Not only do drones make for compelling and engaging classes, but they are teaching students usable 21st-century skills.  In schools that don’t have drones built into the curriculum drone clubs are becoming common. Like classes, clubs are getting kids interested in drones and the science behind them. In fact, the VP here at Half Chrome sponsors one such club at a local high school. Students have the opportunity to learn about drones, fly them and discuss ways to make them better.

Here at Half Chrome, we believe that students are our future and we are a proud sponsor of the Illinois Flipped and Blended Conference, to be held June 15-16 at Huntley High School in Huntley, IL.  It is an opportunity for educators to get together and learn from each other. We will be there to talk with teachers, answer questions and even let them fly a little.

STEM drones
Students are learning about and flying drones at drone club.

Nothing makes students more engaged in learning than fun hands-on work. I can tell you that high school physics would have been a lot more interesting if we had drones to demonstrate forces.

technology education and drones
Join educators around the world at the IL Flipped and Blended Conference in Huntley, IL June 15-16.

If you are an educator, come to the IL Flipped and Blended Learning conference to learn more about what cutting edge educators are doing in the classroom.

You can get more information about the conference here.


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