Detour Sunglasses: The Official Shades of Half Chrome

Detour Sunglasses

Have you noticed that the Half Chrome Guys are usually sporting some stylish shades? Did you want to know how you could get your hands on a pair? Well we’ve partnered up with Detour Sunglasses to protect our pilot’s eyes from the sun and an errant prop or two.

Detour Sunglasses

Detour Sunglasses makes high quality sunglasses that are both stylish and affordable. They have a variety of different models and color combinations. All of their lenses are polarized and are perfect for the active lifestyle, lounging at the beach, driving and of course flying your drone!

Detour Sunglasses on Phantom

They are big fans of all things drone and have even built in a code to help lower their already affordable lens. Type in the code: THEDRONEGUYZ20 and you can save 20% on your order.

Detour Sunglasses

So what are you waiting for?  Check out Detour Sunglasses and treat your eyes to some new shades.

Not sure what is the best drone for you???

No worries, Half Chrome Drones has you covered. Maybe you want an aerial photography drone, or maybe you want a fun toy. Want FPV? We’ve developed an advanced system to match you to the right drone. We call it our Half Chrome Drone Cipher™, go check it out. We also are constantly updating our Best Drones Now page to help you stay current.


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Detour Sunglasses

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Half Chrome • September 2, 2016

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