312 UAV Drone Store

312UAV Drone Store

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could walk into a store and talk to someone that actually knew something about the drones on the shelf? Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a store specialized in drones? The 312UAV Drone Store is that place. Located in downtown Chicago, Stan Miskiewicz has been selling drones and giving customers solid drone advice for the last two years. An artist and photographer by trade, Stan fell in love with drones after building his first one for a photo shoot out west a couple of years ago. If you are looking for a drone, a part or need a repair you should check out 312UAV. Not only does he run the only drone store in this part of the country he also offers a ton of drone services. He is a commercially licensed drone pilot and holds both his F333 exemption and 107 certificate. He has done work for the cellular industry, water testing, real estate, tv industry and more. If you need a commercial pilot for just about anything Stan is your man.


At 312UAV you can find drones in all shapes and sizes. Stan stocks awesome beginner drones like the Eachine E010 and Blade Nano. You can pick up FPV racers big and small, like the Inductrix FPV or Blade Vortex. There are specialty drones like the Star Wars Speeder Bike or Wingsland S6 Pocket Drone. He is a DJI distributor, so if a Phantom 4 or an Inspire is on your wish list, you need to talk with Stan. Maybe you need a super specialized commercial drone for classified operations, Stan is your man. Stan knows drones. Whatever you need, if he doesn’t have it in stock he can have it drop shipped to your door.


We spent a few hours with Stan talking drones. He knows his stuff. If you aren’t sure what kind of drone you want, come talk to Stan, he will help you out. Just in talking with Stan he helped me solve an issue I had with one of my drones, and he even had the part in stock.

312 UAV Drone Store

There is something to supporting the local guy that makes you feel good. Stan is a local, community-centered guy and he’s giving back. He is active in helping local high schools develop drone clubs. He offers his knowledge and reduced prices on his drones so that students can fly, build and race drones while they learn. He knows that the industry is growing and wants our youth to have an opportunity to learn about new and developing technologies.  STEM classes are a great place for students to explore, build and test drones. There are already a handful of local high schools that work with Stan. He is also a member of the local independent film project (IFP) and has offered his expertise and services to low budget and no budget independent filmmakers. 

312 UAV Drone Store

While we were at his store, a high school student came in with his father and bought a small drone. Stan said to us, “One of the best parts of my job is when a kid comes in with his parent and buys a drone. Often I’ll see them a week or two later and the parent is telling me how much fun they are having together. It’s great.” He went on to explain that the parent thanked them, the drone was the only way to peel their kid away from their smartphone. 

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It really is amazing that there are so few stores like 312UAV. Sadly too many people don’t know what they are buying because the salesperson is simply pushing a product. That isn’t the case at 312UAV. Stan knows drones and he wants to help find what is best for you. So if you are looking for a drone, or need a commercial pilot contact Stan at the 312UAV Drone Store.

312 UAV

So stop on by. You can find the 312UAV Drone Store at 1261 N Paulina Street, in Chicago IL. It isn’t too far from the United Center, so stop by before or after a Bulls or Blackhawks game.

You can contact the 312UAV Drone Store at (844)312-8281 or sales@312UAV.com or visit on the web at www.312UAV.com

Click here to visit www.312UAV.com
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