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We Found the Best Selfie Drone

Everyone loves a good selfie and there is no better selfie than a dronie – a selfie taken from a drone. Nothing beats the unique perspective that you can get from the air. With the right drone, you will likely be the only one of your friends posting pics from above. We have done the work for you by flying 100s of drones and we have found the best selfie drone for every budget.

The Best Selfie Drone You Can Buy: Mavic Air

Mavic Air size
The Mavic Air is the smallest and most compact DJI drone. While you may not think of it as a selfie drone it can in fact be the ultimate selfie drone.

While the Mavic Air may not be thought of as a selfie drone, it certainly can fit the bill. The Mavic Air easily fits in your pocket and has awesome selfie modes that no other drone on the market can match. Yes, it is absolutely more than just a selfie drone but if you want THE BEST you want the Mavic Air.

Mavic Air remote control
The portable remote of the Mavic Air also folds up for portability.

While there are a lot of inexpensive selfie drones to choose from none of them can come close to the high-quality photos and videos the Mavic Air can produce. Unlike a lot of the selfie drones out there, the Mavic Air can do a whole lot more. It is a legitimate full-fledged aerial machine. If you want some unique selfies then you need to check out some of these unique modes the Mavic Air can shoot. The Asteroid, Boomerang and Orbit modes are unique shots that no other selfie drone can replicate. Learn more about the DJI Mavic Air HERE.

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Best Selfie Drone Under $100: Ryze Tello

If you are looking for a selfie drone under $100 then the Tello is the drone for you. It is the most stable non-GPS drone we have ever flown. The Tello even has some excellent pre-programmed flight modes to help capture the perfect selfie. There is, of course, the dronie mode, but also the circle mode (also known as an orbit or point-of-interest) and 360 mode. The Tello is the only sub-$100 with an orbit mode that we are aware of.

Ryze Tello with guards removed
Take a look at the Ryze Tello.

The Tello has a solid 5MP 1080p camera and even uses some electronic image stabilization (EIS). The biggest drawback is that it must be flown with your smartphone and will record pictures and videos there. The streaming of photos and videos is great for getting your content online quickly, but video quality can suffer as the Tello flies further from the pilot. Selfies are not a problem, they are usually taken from close range. Learn more about the Tello HERE.

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Best Selfie Drone Under $200: Dobby or Breeze

AEE Sparrow with Yuneec Breeze and Dobby
The foldable Dobby and Yuneec Breeze are both excellent options.

If you have a little more to spend on a selfie drone then the Yuneec Breeze or ZeroTech Dobby are both excellent options. They are both a notch above the Tello with their tilting 4K cameras, electronic image stabilization, and GPS positioning. Both have onboard storage for high-quality pictures and video.

The Dobby is a true selfie drone that will fit in your pocket. It is controlled exclusively via a WiFi connection using your smartphone. The Dobby is equipped with a handful of flight modes tailored to the beginner flyer as well as the selfie enthusiast. Learn more about the Dobby HERE.

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The Breeze is a little larger and can be flown either with your smartphone or with an optional GameSir remote. If you want a little more control and flexibility then go with the Breeze. It too has a handful of nice flight modes. You can even control the camera angle of the Breeze while it is in the air. It is a little less selfie drone that the Dobby, but offers more of a full-featured experience. Learn more about the Breeze HERE.

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Best Selfie Drone Under $50: Eachine Windmill

The Eachine E014 is a solid alternative to the Tello

For the true bargain hunter, the new E014 Windmill from Eachine has some of the same app features as the Dobby but at a fraction of the price. There are a lot of inexpensive selfie drone options, but the  Eachine E014 Windmill is the one that you want. You won’t be blown away by the quality of the camera or the stability of the video, but this is for sure the best selfie drone under $50. It is a blast to fly and an all-around excellent beginner drone. It can be flown with either the included remote or with your smartphone. Eachine has even included “joysticks” that you can attach to your smartphone to help with stability. Learn more about the Eachine E014 Windmill HERE.

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  1. What about the C-ME GPS foldable selfie drone.
    It’s $100 new (Amazon) or $45 new (eBay). It has a 8mp 1080p camera (no stabilization).

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