What is the best drone to give as a gift?

What is the best drone to give as a gift this Christmas season?

There may not be a better gift to give than a drone this Christmas.  But there isn’t one best drone to give this holiday season. We will highlight 5 different drones and how they are the perfect gift for that special someone.

Best Drone Under $300 this Christmas – DJI Mini SE

DJI Mini 2

The DJI Mini SE is the best drone you can get if you are looking to capture epic pictures and videos but have a limited budget. With its $299 price tag, it is hands down the best value in photography drones. It has impressive stability, easy-to-use quick shots and flight modes, and an excellent 2.7K camera. The Mini SE has a range of 2.5 miles (4000 meters) and a flight time of 30 minutes are incredibly impressive.

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However, if you want an upgraded 4K camera, better range and image transmission and you can stretch your budget to $450 then I’d recommend the DJI Mini 2. The video below does a nice job of taking a look at the Mini 2 and comparing it to the Mini SE and even the original DJI Mavic Mini.

The new DJI Mini 2 is an awesome little drone that is capable of capturing 4K video. It has an impressive range of up to 10,000 meters (6.2 miles) and a flight time of up to 31 minutes. It has GPS stability, return to home, and a ton of quick shots and flight modes. This little drone is also less than 250 grams so that means you won’t have to register it with the FAA. This little drone is a great place to start and is easy to fly. Learn more about the DJI Mini 2 here.

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Best Drone for Kids –  Scoot

force1 scoot

The best drone for kids is the super simple Force1 Scoot.  There is a reason it was one of the best-selling toys on Amazon last year. This little drone has enclosed propellers and flies using obstacle avoidance sensors. You don’t even need a remote control. It is fun to fly and my children absolutely love it. Actually, if I’m honest I do too. It is just plain old fun. If you are looking for something more traditional take a look at some of the drones below. Learn more about the Scoot here.

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Best Beginner Drone Under $100 this Christmas – Tello

The Ryze Tello is an excellent beginner drone and it costs less than $100.  It was built in a partnership between DJI and Ryze and they created something that is a lot of fun to fly. This smartphone-controlled drone takes great pictures and uses electronic image stabilization to capture solid videos. The Tello even has a handful of intelligent flight modes. You can even learn how to program this drone to fly autonomously. Learn more about the Tello here. While the Tello is our favorite drone under $100 there are some others that are pretty awesome. Check out the video below to learn more.

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Best Drone Under $1000 this Christmas – DJI Air 2S

The DJI Air 2S is one of the best drones you can buy. If you are looking for more professional quality pictures and photos then the Air 2S is the place to start. With its 1″ sensor it is capable of capturing awesome pictures and video even in lower light situations. The Air 2S has an incredible flight time of 33 minutes and a range of 12,000 meters. It also has obstacle avoidance sensors on the front, top, and rear of the drone. The DJI Air 2S is packed with flight modes and features. It captures some of the best photos we have seen in a drone. Learn more about the Air 2 here.

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Best Drone Money Can Buy This Christmas 2020 – Mavic 3

If you want the best then you want the soon-to-be-released DJI Mavic 3 Pro. It features full 360-degree obstacle avoidance and more flight modes than you could ever need. With built-in object tracking and a professional quality camera, this drone is the real deal. The Mavic 3 Pro has a best-in-class flight time of 43 minutes and a range of up to 15,000 meters. That is over 9 miles. The MP3 has a two-camera system. There is the awesome micro 4/3″ sensor for professional applications as well as the telephoto lens for up-close photography.

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