Speedybee adapter 3

Speedybee Adapter 3 | Betaflight on your phone!

The Speedybee Adapter 2 is a great little device and a must-have for any FPV pilot. It is a small, lightweight device that allows you to connect your drone’s firmware to your smartphone so you can adjust things in Betaflight, Emuflight, and even iNav. With the SpeedyBee Adapter 3 you can even analyze blackbox, flash ESCs check lipos, and use it as a USB charger for your smartphone!

Speedybee Adapter 3

This little device when paired with the Speedybee app makes working on your drone when you are out in the field quick and easy. You can connect to both USB-C and micro USB flight controllers with the included cable. Then you connect to your phone either using WiFi or Bluetooth with the press of a button. It is incredibly easy. I’ve been happy with the mobile interface using Betaflight and it is nice to have a small little device like the Speedybee adapter because I can leave my laptop at home. It is nice that it now also works as a battery check and a USB charger. You can power the Speedybee either with a 1S ph2.0 battery or a 2-6S lipo with an XT60 connection.

Speedybee adapter 3
Speedybee adapter 3

The Speedybee app is free and can be found on your app store. It is easy to use and a great mobile version of Betaflight. While some android phones can utilize the app without the adapter this is an absolute must for any iPhone-using FPV pilot.

Speedybee adapter 3
Speedybee adapter 3

Speedybee 2 vs 3

This device is an upgrade for the Speedybee Adapter 2 as it has a handful of new and updated features. The SpeedyBee Adapter 3 can be purchased for $35.99, whereas the Speedybee Adapter 2 is only $27.99.  Check out the full list of the differences below.

ItemSpeedyBee Adapter 3SpeedyBee Adapter 2
Support 1-6S LiPo input
XT60 and PH2.0 connectors
BF/INAV/EMU configuration
Flight control firmware upgrade
Built-in WiFi
Built-in Bluetooth×
Black box downloader and analyzer×
8-bit BLHeli_S ESC firmware updater×
Built-in MicroUSB and Type C connector×
Fast charging output up to 30W×
Built-In LiPo Voltage Checker×

If you are thinking about getting a Speedybee adapter use one of the links below.

Speedybee adapter 3
Speedybee adapter 3
Check the price of Speedybee Adapter 2Check the price of Speedybee Adapter 3

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