Holy Stone HS140

Holy Stone HS140 | $80 Beginner Drone

The Holy Stone HS140 is a no-frills beginner drone. It is a top seller on Amazon so we thought we’d check it out. The HS140 features an HD camera and has altitude hold for extra stability. It is a small, lightweight drone and weighs less than 250 grams so it doesn’t have to be registered with the FAA.

Holy Stone HS140

The HS140 is another low-cost entry-level drone from Holy Stone. Holy Stone is one of the top drone sellers on Amazon and focuses on providing consumers with options at a lower price point than DJI. This is not a drone that you can take high-quality pictures or videos with. This is a learning tool. If you want to learn to fly but don’t want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars then this could be a place to start.

Holy Stone HS140

The Holystone HS140 has a flight time of up to 17 minutes. However, don’t expect it to fly that long. You can plan on 12-15 minutes of flight, less on windy days. That is still impressive for a drone flying on a 1500 mah 1S battery. The range of the HS140 is a couple of hundred feet. However, don’t fly this too far. I recommend keeping it close and far away from trees and other obstacles. It isn’t powerful and will get tossed around in light wind.

Holy Stone HS140 battery

The HS140 uses brushed motors. Brushed motors are less efficient, less powerful, and have a shorter lifespan than brushless motors but they are also less expensive. The lack of power and light weight makes this drone difficult to fly in any type of wind. Make sure you are flying in the high-speed mode for the best results.

Holy Stone HS140 weight
Because the HS140 is less than 250 grams you don’t have to register it with the FAA.

HolyStone HS140 Camera

The camera on the HS140 is an HD camera but don’t expect good quality pictures or video. The videos will be shaky as the camera isn’t stabilized. Pictures can come out a little better but the cellphone in your pocket will likely be able to capture a better shot.

Holy Stone HS140

The camera angle is manually adjustable and does sit on some vibration dampeners. It will stream a live video feed back to your phone via a free smartphone app.

The Holy Stone HS140 does have some other features. It has headless mode and a tapfly/waypoints feature. I don’t recommend using either. Headless mode can often get disorienting as it fixes the orientation from takeoff. Waypoints and tapfly aren’t reliable on non-GPS drones. There is however a voice mode. This is more a gimmick than anything else but a fun touch. You’ll have a hard enough time flying this thing straight as it isn’t very stable.

Holy Stone HS140

If you are looking for a beginner drone this is definitely an option. Know that you aren’t getting a high-quality machine but rather a tool to learn on. I prefer the Ryze Tello as a beginner drone but the HS140 does have some merit.

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