air 2s vs evo 2 pro

DJI Air 2S vs Autel Evo 2 Pro | Which drone is better for you?

The DJI Air 2S and Autel Evo 2 Pro are both excellent drones. In fact, these are probably the best two consumer drones on the market. They both take spectacular pictures and videos. They both have impressive flight modes and specs. Some people want to hold on to their Mavic 2 Pro, but both of these drones are more advanced. Let’s take a close look.

Air 2S vs Evo 2 Camera comparison

air 2s vs evo 2 pro

You will want to watch the video above to see how the pictures and videos look coming out of these two drones. Keep in mind you can shoot in LOG or RAW and edit colors in post-processing if you’d like. Both of these quads utilize 10-bit color science so chances are you are going to be happy. The Evo and the Air both use 1″ sensors and shoot 20 MP photos.


6K vs 5.4K

air 2s vs evo 2 pro

The Evo 2 Pro claims to be able to shoot 6K video and the Air 2s claims 5.4K video resolution. The reality is they are the same. The Evo 2 resolution is 5472 x 3076 and the Air 2S is 5472 x 3078. These are virtually identical. I love shooting in 6K/5.4K because you can zoom in later in post, produce in 4K and not lose resolution. Being able to edit in 6K or even 4K can be a challenge on your computer. You’ll need a solid machine unless you utilize the proxy files that are created by the Evo 2. This process is easy and makes it a lot easier on your computer.

Evo 2 Pro vs Air 2S Specs

evo 2 pro vs air 2s

We put together the chart above so you can reference some of the difference between these two drones. When in comes to specs the two most people want to know about are range and flight time. The Evo 2 Pro has an impressive 40 minute flight time. Whereas the DJI Air 2S has a 31 minute flight time.

The range of the Air 2S is an impressive 12,000 meters. That is about 7.5 miles. Not only that but the clarity of the O3 transmission system is the best I’ve ever experienced on a drone. The Evo 2 Pro is still solid at 9,000 meters or 5.5 miles. The Evo has a top speed of 45 mph and the Air 2S tops out at 42.5 mph.

Safety Features of the Air 2S and Evo 2

air 2s vs evo 2 pro

The Evo 2 features full 360-degree obstacle avoidance sensors. It has 12 cameras that help keep your drone from crashing into obstacles. The Air 2S has front, rear, top and bottom sensors, but lacks side obstacle avoidance.

The Air 2S also has built-in ADS-B. This alerts you if there are any aircraft in the area so you can bring your drone back to you or find a safe altitude to fly. The Evo 2 does not have geofencing, so the pilot has the responsibility to fly safely. If you wanted to take off in the middle of O’Hare Airport the Evo isn’t going to stop you. Make sure you know the rules and regulations before you take off.

Design Air 2S vs Evo 2 Pro

air 2s vs evo 2 pro

The Air 2S is quite a bit smaller than the bright orange Evo 2 Pro. Surprisingly however the Evo 2 is the quieter of the two drones.  Because both drones are foldable they are both easy to bring along with you on a trip, but obviously, the smaller DJI Air 2S is just a bit easier. The bright orange color is signature Autel and it does help to make it easy to spot in the sky.

Flight modes DJI vs Autel

These drones both have intelligent flight modes like orbit, active track, and hyperlapse. They do differ a bit, however. The Air 2S has Quickshots and Mastershots. These are flight modes tailored to the beginner or novice pilot and will allow you to get shots like dronies or rocket.

The Evo 2 Pro lacks both dronie and rocket modes but it does have a mission planning mode. This will allow you to fly using waypoints. There are no waypoints available for the DJI Air 2S.

Which drone should you buy? Evo 2 or Air 2S?

Both of these drones are excellent options. The DJI Air 2S starts at $999 and the Fly More combo will cost you $1299. The larger Evo 2 Pro 6K is more expensive starting at $1500 and the On the Go bundle package will cost you around $1800. You will have to decide which one best suits your needs.

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