C-Fly Faith 2

‘Cause you gotta have Faith (Faith 2 – CFLY)

The CFLY Faith 2 is a beginner-level drone with a 4K camera and a handful of intelligent flight modes. Starting around $300 this drone is surprisingly good and definitely an option if you are looking to get a good drone without breaking the bank.

CFLY Faith 2

We’ve flown a handful of CFLY drones in the past. Typically the hardware on them is good but the software was buggy. These drones ended up being unreliable and hard to recommend. However, the Faith 2 is a different story. It had its issues initially but C-Fly has been working hard with firmware updates to make this a better drone and that definitely is the case.

C-Fly Faith 2

The 4K video on the Faith 2 is good. It isn’t professional quality but it is solid. It is definitely better than any drone in the $200 price range that we have tested. The flight modes work well and add some definite functionality to the drone. Follow me, Waypoints, Circle, Helix, Dronie, Rocket, Boomerang, and Return to home are all modes included on the Faith 2.

C-Fly Faith 2 Specs

CFly Faith 2

The range on this drone is 3000 meters. You’ll connect via WiFi to the remote and the remote will then connect to the drone. This gives it a better range than similarly priced drones. The maximum flight time is 35 minutes, but expect to get closer to 30. Make sure you wait until you get at least 10-12 satellites before you fly as it will help make this drone more stable and reliable. I did find that it still tended to drift a little bit.

Should you get the C-Fly Faith 2?

C-Fly Faith 2

Overall the C Fly Faith 2 is an impressive little drone. C Fly has definitely upped their game. You will get two batteries and a nice carrying case to go along with the drone. I love the new MJX Bugs 16 Pro but I’d probably take the Faith 2 over it. However, with DJI getting ready to release the Mini SE, I have to wonder where this drone really fits in.

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