emax tinyhawk race 2

Emax Tinyhawk Race 2 – This is the toothpick you want!

The Tinyhawk Race 2 is just one more awesome tiny quad from Emax. Since the original Tinyhawk Emax has cornered the market on fun to fly micro-sized quads. Their formula is simple. They build a great little drone, make sure it flys well, provide excellent customer service, then they get to work making it better for the next release. That has brought us my favorite toothpick to date. The Emax Tinyhawk Race 2.

Tinyhawk Race 2

The Tinyhawk Race 2 is a 90 mm toothpick style drone. It is 47.5 grams before you add the two included 450 mah 1S batteries. In a lot of ways Emax took what they did with the Tinyhawk 2 and put it on a toothpick frame.  The Race 2 utilizes 7500 KV, 1103 brushless motors. Connected to those motors are 2″ Avan Blur propellers. Don’t make the mistake I did. Use motor screws to keep the props on. This little guy is capable of speeds up to 50 mph.

emax tinyhawk race 2

You can fly the Tinyhawk Race 2 on either a 1S or 2S but I don’t recommend 1S. You will have to use two 1S batteries with JST connectors and if you have any other Tinyhawk drone you should have some extras. You’ll get two and the good news is they are inexpensive so grab some extras. Most of my flights were around 3 and a half minutes or so. Emax says you can get up to 7 minutes if you are cruising.

emax tinyhawk race 2
The tinyhawk race 2 has a lot in common with the Tinyhawk 2.

The F4 flight controller has an onboard SPI receiver so you can bid it in the CLI tab. Simply type bind_rx hit enter and bind away. It used FrSky D8 mode, but I connected it to my Radiomaster TX16S. I love this radio.  Spektrum, Frsky, Flysky, Hubsan…it doesn’t matter. It binds to everything.

emax tinyhawk race ii

Upgraded camera and video transmitter

The Emax Tinyhawk Race 2 uses the Runcam Nano 2. It is a much better camera than was on the earlier Tinyhawk models. Yes, it adds a few grams, but these punchy motors can handle it no problem. The video transmitter is also upgraded. It is switchable from 25/100/200 mw. It is definitely nice but keep in mind you are still using an SPI receiver so don’t go too far. You are likely limited to around 100 meters or so. The VTX comes locked so you won’t be able to access all the video channels initially. Hold down the button on the VTX and plug in the battery to unlock it. Then you can use smart audio to change channels and switch the power output of the VTX.

emax tinyhawk race 2

Should you buy the Emax Tinyhawk Race 2?

If you are looking for a toothpick then this is a great place to start. The Race 2 will cost you around $115. You’ll get the drone, two batteries, a charger, and a set of props in a nice little carrying case. I’m a big fan of Emax and the Race 2 continues that tradition. There is a new Tinyhawk Freestyle 2. It is very similar to the Race 2. The freestyle has a larger frame and 2.5″ propellers, but otherwise, they utilize the same hardware. We will be testing one soon.

Check the price of the Emax Tinyhawk Race 2

Check the price of Emax Tinyhawk Freestyle 2

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