Eachine uz65 vs mobula 6

Eachine UZ65 vs Mobula 6

The Eachine UZ 65 was built to compete against the Mobula 6. They are both brushless tiny whoops and share a handful of components. They do however have a few key differences. Let’s break them down.

Eachine UZ65

The Eachine UZ65 has the same 19,000KV, 0802 brushless motors as the Mobula 6 but instead of pushing 31 mm props it has larger 35 mm propellers. That is probably the most striking difference. In order to do this, it uses a different F4 flight controller that is a curved diamond shape. The Crazybee F4 on the UZ65 doesn’t have a built-in VTX so it has a separate one that is switchable from 25 mw to 100 mw. This again is different than the Mobula 6. That adds a couple of grams to the overall weight of the UZ65. Both quads use the RunCam Nano 3, but the UZ 65 has a different mount and holds it more securely and produces less jello.

eachine uz65

The Eachine UZ65 has a built-in FrSky SPI receiver. However, you can also get one with a Crossfire, Spektrum or Flysky receiver. That will add a couple of grams to the quad.  My version was the FrSky one, and I found my range to be about 100 meters or so with my RadioMaster TX16S.

eachine uz65

The frame on the UZ 65 is different. It looks more aggressive in my opinion and was patterned after the Mobula 7. However, it tends to produce a little bit more yaw washout on freestyle maneuvers when flying in acro. While I understand most people don’t pick up tiny whoops to fly acro it is something to note.

eachine uz65

The Eachine UZ65 is a standard 65 mm tiny whoop. It weighs 22 grams to the Mobula 6’s 20 grams. That may not seem like a lot, but keep in mind that it is 10% heavier. Think about a standard 200lb guy, if he gained 20 lbs would he notice?

Mobula 6 vs Eachine UZ 65

eachine uz65 vs mobula6

Both of these are excellent little 1S tiny whoops.  I have only flown the 19,000 KV version of the Mobula 6 so I can’t compare the 24,000 KV version to the UZ65. The UZ65 has the edge when it comes to power but the Mobula 6 has the edge when it comes to maneuverability. Overall I think both of these are excellent tiny whoops. If you are looking for a good indoor flyer that you can take outside occasionally I think it is hard to go wrong with either. The UZ65 is $85 and you’ll get four 300 mah batteries, an extra set of props, charger, and a tiny carrying case. That’s not a bad place to start. The Mobula 6 comes in a similar package and is $91.

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eachine uz65

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