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Eachine LAL5 -FPV drone, 4K camera, HUGE motors…

The Eachine LAL5 is one of the most unique looking drones I’ve ever flown. Its huge shiny gold motors, bright purple bumpers, and dual-lens camera are all eye-catchers. But it isn’t just the way that this thing looks that is interesting. It has some features that make it truly one of a kind, from its barometer to Bluetooth. There is a lot to like about the new Eachine LAL5.

Eachine LAL5

The Eachine LAL5 is a 225 mm 5-inch FPV drone that is unlike any other I have had. Starting with the 4K dual-lens Caddx Tarsier camera this drone is capable of capturing crisp 4K footage onboard. It uses the second camera to provide an FPV feed and is one of the better FPV cameras out there. The 4K camera is good, not quite GoPro good but unless you are trying to produce commercial footage it is probably more than good enough for most pilots. As an added bonus you get an included ND8 filter that fits over both lenses.

eachine lal5

The motors on the Eachine LAL5 are gigantic 2507, 1850KV motors. They are big, gold and shiny. They push Racerstar 5046 tri-blade propellers. They are definitely overkill for a 5″ quad.  They could easily handle a 6″ or a 7″ frame and supposedly Eachine will be releasing 6″ and 7″ arms to upgrade if you choose.

eachine lal5 2507 motors

The ESC is a 50 amp 4-in-1 that can handle DShot 1200 and can support a 3-6S lipo. This machine was built to fly on a 6S battery. The flight controller is a Matek F405 and has a built-in barometer, black box micro SD slot and Bluetooth for Speedbee on the go. This is one of the more versatile flight controllers I’ve seen.

The video transmitter is switchable from 25/200/600/800 mw. It has an MMCX connector and supports smart audio. The included antenna is supported nicely in a TPU mount and is an RHCP antenna.

eachine lal5

The frame is a thick 5 mm carbon with the plates being 2mm. The arms are replaceable and it looks like in the future they will be adding 6″ and perhaps even 7″ options. In its original state, the quad weighs 411 grams. This is not a light race drone, but a cruiser that can handle some freestyle.

If you are looking for a big freestyle drone with power to spare and can capture HD footage then the Eachine LAL5 is definitely an option for you. This isn’t a flying under the radar kind of drone. It’s more of a hey look at me over here kind of drone. It typically starts around $230.

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