hglrc parrot 120

HGLRC Parrot 120 -Looking for a good Toothpick/Twig?

The HGLRC Parrot 120 is another twig class FPV drone. A twig is somewhere in between a toothpick and a micro FPV quad. Twigs typically are between 50 and 100 grams and can fly 2-4S batteries. This HGLRC Parrot is one of the better twig class drones I’ve flown.

hglrc parrot 120

HGLRC Parrot 120

There are a lot of things to like about the HGLRC Parrot 120. It looks and performs a lot like a full-size FPV quad. It is 120 mm from motor to motor and weighs in at 58 grams. It uses an F4 flight controller and a 15 amp 4-in-1 ESC. The VTX is switchable from pit/25/100/200/400 mw. The motors are HGLRC’s 1103, 8000 KV brushless motors and they perform quite well. HGLRC includes Gemfan tw0-blade 65 mm press-fit propellers. The FPV camera is the Caddx Turbo Eos 2. I received mine with a FrSky XM+ receiver and is was installed nicely on top of the stack.

hglrc parrot 120

HGLRC Parrot performance

This little quad is a ripper. It performs exceptionally well on a 3S battery. I tested it on 2S and 4S as well but I found that 3S was the sweet spot. It handles really well and is a fun freestyle quad. I also found it to be quite durable. The 2mm carbon fiber frame stood up to quite a bit of abuse. This little quad can handle a crash. Flying the Parrot 120 feels a lot like flying a full size 5″ quad. It is a well-made drone. Check out the video below of the Parrot 120 in action.

The Parrot 120 is a lot lighter than most of the other Twig class drones I’ve been flying. It also doesn’t have the raw power that some of them do.  However, it is very well put together and the lack of weight allows it to be very flyable and quite agile. The Eachine Twig, for example, has a ton of power and an HD camera but it lacks the refinement and agility of the Parrot 120. There seems to be more variance in the Twig class of FPV drone, so you will have to decide what characteristics you are looking for in a quad.

hglrc parrot 120

My favorite Twig drone

Right now I would have to say this HGLRC Parrot 120 is my favorite Twig class drone. It is slightly larger than a toothpick but not quite big enough to be classified as a micro. It is a lot quieter and safer to fly than a full-size FPV quad. If you are looking for a good small-sized FPV drone then I would definitely recommend this Parrot 120.

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hglrc parrot 120

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