GEPRC Thinking P16

DJI Tiny Whoop – The GEPRC Thinking P16

I love tiny whoops and I love the DJI digital FPV system. However, until now those two things didn’t work together. The digital system was just too bulky to fit into a whoop. Then Caddx developed the Nebula camera and GEPRC put it all together. The GEPRC Thinking P16 is a tiny whoop with DJI digital FPV. Check out the code at the bottom to save 15%.

GEPRC Thinking P16

GEPRC Thinking P16 digital DJI FPV

The GEPRC Thinking P16 is big for a whoop. It is 79 mm from motor to motor and weighs 64 grams.  The Thinking P16 uses 1103, 8000 KV motors and they push 40 mm propellers. I found the 300 mah 3S battery was the sweet spot, but you can also fly it on a 2S if you prefer. It isn’t overly powerful but performs well enough for a whoop. You can get it with the receiver of your choice but I used the Caddx Vista unit as both my VTX and receiver to save weight. The DJI link is excellent and better than FrSky and almost as good as Crossfire.

GEPRC Thinking P16 digital DJI FPV

The Caddx Nebula camera isn’t as nice as the original camera that comes with the DJI Air Unit, but it is still better than most analog cameras. The P16 uses an all in one F4 flight controller ESC combo and features a 12A ESC. The performance of this tiny quad is fairly impressive on 3S. It doesn’t have the nimbleness of a Mobula 6 or a Tinyhawk but I would compare it to a cinewhoop like the Eachine Cinecan.

GEPRC Thinking P16 digital DJI FPV

DJI Digital Whoop

As a small drone fan, I was pleasantly surprised by this tiny drone. It is fun to fly indoors and out. GEPRC takes pride in building and tunings their quads and that shows with the Thinking P16. They even include extra props, an upgraded antenna, and a few other extras with the drone. If you are looking for a digital whoop then the GEPRC Thinking P16 is a great place to start. If you are looking to order one use the code BG8P16HD to save 15%.

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