Mavic look alike

Attop XT-1: It’s a Spark-sized Mavic Clone

Attop XT-1

Starting around $45

Overall Quality


Ease of Use













  • PROS:
  • Looks Like a DJI Mavic
  • Portable
  • Stable
  • CONS:
  • No Image Stabilization


  • Flight Time: 7 minutes
  • Range: 50-60 meters
  • Camera: 2 MP

The Attop XT-1 is a small foldable drone built to look like the Mavic, but smaller. While it may look like a Mavic and be the size of a Spark, it is a drone that is very different from both.

Attop XT-1 Mavic
Take a look at the Attop XT-1 with the DJI Spark.

What is the Attop XT-1?

The XT-1 is one of the better-looking Mavic clones we’ve seen. It is definitely smaller and lighter and a totally different type of drone than the fully-featured Mavic. It really isn’t fair to compare the $45 XT-1 to the $999 Mavic. So we won’t. Let’s talk about what the XT-1 is.

Inexpensive Mavic clone
The Attop XT-1 looking right at you.

XT-1 as a Starter Drone

The XT-1 is a good beginner drone. It is small, light, foldable and portable. It has a lot of the features that you’d like to see on a beginner drone. It has altitude hold to help stabilize it. It has multiple speeds so the beginner can adjust their skill level. The XT-1 has headless mode and can do push-button flips. You can even do take-offs and landings with the push of a button.

Attop drone
You can control the Attop XT-1 with the included remote and view FPV on your smartphone.

The XT-1 can be controlled either using the included controller or by your smartphone via WiFi. You’ll also get a live video feed from the onboard camera on your phone. You can either fly FPV (first person view) or just use the video feed to see what pictures and videos you are recording.

XT-1 remote
The gamepad-style remote has a nice layout.
XT-1 mavic drone XT-1
The gamepad style controller on the Attop XT-1 features labeled buttons

Attop XT-1 HD Camera

The camera is a 2 MP camera that is capable of taking 720p video. It is HD quality, but not anything like the Mavic. There is no stabilizing gimbal or software so you’ll have to fly slow and steady to get good footage. The pictures are good, particularly outdoors and in good light. You can tilt the camera upward and downward.

Here the camera is angled forward.
Xt-1 HD camera
Take a look at the camera angled down.

What Sets the Attop XT-1 Apart?

The styling and design of the Attop XT-1 is pretty nice. It really does look like a miniature DJI Mavic. While it can’t compete with the Mavic in terms of image quality or flight characteristics it is a good drone when compared to similarly priced quads under $50.

YH-19 vs XT-1
Take a look at the Mavic clone XT-1 with our favorite Spark clone the YH-19.

The lightweight and foldable design is a nice feature of this quadcopter.  It is important to note that the arms lock into place. Be sure that you are aware of the locking mechanism on the bottom, otherwise, you could damage the arms if you don’t press it while you are attempting to fold it up. Even the propellers fold up like those on the Mavic.

Attop XT-1 foldable drone
The Attop XT-1 folds up for easy transport

You can expect to get about 7 minutes of flight time from the Attop XT-1. It has a typical range of 60 meters or so.  Keep in mind that the WiFi FPV feed probably will be 50 meters or less even though the range of the remote will be a bit more.

Best mavic clone
You’ll get everything you see here except the smartphone when you purchase an Attop XT-1.

Should You Order an Attop XT-1?

If you are looking for a good looking starter drone then take a look at the Attop XT-1. It may not be a Mavic, but it still is a pretty solid option. If you are looking for something to take the place of a DJI Spark or Mavic this isn’t the same thing. However, it is a reasonable option for under $50. What’s one of the best things about these mini folding drones? They fit in the box! That makes taking your drone with you a whole lot easier. If you want to learn more about the awesome DJI Spark and Mavic click here.

Order an Attop XT-1
Spark v Mavic
The Mavic is much larger and also more stable than the smaller Spark.
DJI Mavic vs Spark
Take a look at the camera systems and obstacle sensors on the front of these two drones


Other Options

If a DJI Mavic is what you want there really isn’t a substitute that will make you happy. The Mavic’s GPS system, long range, and gimbal-stabilized 4K camera make it the must-have drone of 2017. If you want something similar to the XT-1 then check out the YH-19. It is a Spark clone that is similar in price and features. Overall, it too is a solid beginner option.

I want to know more about the real MavicI want to know more about the YH-19
XT-1 vs YH-19
Take a look at the XT-1 and YH-19 from above.

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