Xiro Xplorer V

Xiro Xplorer A Sleek Looking Quadcopter

The Xiro Xplorer is a full featured HD camera drone. Its unique design is a breath of fresh air. Unlike a lot of drones in this class it is not trying to shamelessly copy the design of the DJI Phantom. The Xiro Xplorer has a futuristic and unique design. It looks more like a sleek stealth drone. The Xplorer is built as a modular drone for two reasons. It makes assembly and disassembly easy, but also allows for easier upgrades.

Xiro Xplorer V

There are two major Xiro Xplorer models. The Xplorer V is the top of the line Xplorer model. It comes with an HD camera attached to the 3 axis gimbal. The camera is capable of 1080p and is stabilized by the electronic three axis gimbal. The camera is capable of 14 MP still photos. The other model is the Xplorer G. The Xplorer G has a three axis gimbal that was designed to work with your GoPro. You can save a few dollars if you already own a GoPro and forgo the gimbal and camera option of the Xplorer V. The GoPro does not come with the Xplorer G. Xiro  has made the G model less expensive because you are supplying the camera.

The Xplorer G gimbal is designed to hold a GoPro.
The Xplorer G gimbal is designed to hold a GoPro.

The remote transmitter of the Xiro is well designed and as a few unique features. You can select beginning/intermediate/advanced modes with a flip of a switch. Headless mode, Return Home and Auto Land/Take off are all dedicated buttons and clearly labeled. There are two well placed dials to control the camera angle and the brightness of the lights. The remote will hold a smartphone up to 5.5” in size. The smartphone connects to the free app and will give you a live preview of what your drone sees in flight. The remote seems to be simple, yet well thought out and fairly intuitive. Perhaps some of the other drone manufacturers should take a lesson here.


The Xplorer has the flight modes you want in a drone in this price range. It has the safety of a return to home key, which also is activated if you lose connection with the remote or the battery is low. The Follow Me mode is activating by selecting an object to follow on your smartphone screen and choosing an altitude to hover. You can select up to 16 different Waypoints for the Xplorer to navigate on its own. There is also a Circle Me mode that is similar to “point of interest” and “orbit” modes seen on other drones. Make sure that you upgrade the firmware on your drone if you want your flight modes to operate correctly.

The Xplorer uses GPS to help keep the drone safe and stable during flight. It also has a nice feature that alerts you with gentle vibrations on the remote when the drone battery is getting low. The Xplorer has a range of 500 meters and a flight time of 25 minutes. The top speed of the Xplorer is about 18 mph.

Should you purchase the Xiro Xplorer?

The Xiro Xplorer is a unique looking drone. If you want something that stands out, but is still capable of taking good video this is a good choice. However, if you want to get something with better range and a better camera the Phantom 3 Standard is our preference. The Phantom 3 Standard is a better drone. It does lack the unique modular design as well as the upfront and easy layout of the remote transmitter of the Xplorer, but makes that up with its superior technology. Read about the Phantom here. The Phantom 3 is typically a little more expensive, and if you already own a GoPro the Xplorer G might be an economical choice. There have been many reports of quality issues with the Xiro but also many reports of very happy customers. We are hoping that Xiro has zeroed in on the issues and can continue to provide a viable Phantom competitor.

Xplorer vs Phantom
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