3DR Solo drone

3DR Solo The Original GoPro Drone

The 3DR Solo is a full-featured GPS enabled drone that was built to film with a GoPro. The Solo has a handful of interactive flight modes and if you have a GoPro this drone is a solid choice. 3DR worked closely with GoPro to develop a drone that worked seamlessly with their Hero line of action cameras. The price on this drone continues to fall, making it a very good deal. It once was selling for over a thousand dollars, but now is a steal for less than $400. This smart drone has some excellent features and is worth a look. 3DR has stopped production on this drone, and that’s why it is available at bargain-basement prices.

The 3DR Solo

The 3DR Solo was designed to be the vehicle to fly your GoPro camera. Adding the optional 3-axis gimbal with a GoPro makes this a formidable camera drone. The Solo boasts some impressive flight modes.

3DR Solo Flight Modes

When in Selfie or Reveal mode the quad will fly out and back on a set path to get that perfect selfie or photo. There is the Cable Cam mode that allows you to send the drone on a smooth path between two points and take video or snap time lapse photos. The Follow mode allows the 3DR Solo to track your movement by following your smartphone. You can put the quadcopter into Zipline mode and the drone will follow the straight path you chose and you are free to control the camera without worrying about the orientation of the drone. In Pano mode, the drone will take perfectly overlapped photos to create the perfect panoramic shot. Orbit mode will have the drone circle around a fixed object while you get the perfect video shot from all angles.

3DR Solo Remote
3DR Solo Remote Transmitter

The remote transmitter on this drone is well designed and simple to use. The remote was patterned after a gaming style controller. It has a bright color LED screen that will display useful information. The transmitter will hold your smartphone or tablet and use its screen via the free app for more information, functionality, and a first person view of the video.

3DR Solo RC Drone
3DR Solo Smart Drone

The 3DR Solo has a range of up to 1000 meters and you can expect to get a flight time of 15-20 minutes out of its 5200mAH smart battery.

3DR Solo Launch Film

This drone is an excellent choice especially if you already own a GoPro. The drone is typically sold without the gimbal or GoPro but can be bundled together as well. Take a look the prices below. If you aren’t a GoPro fan or are looking for an alternative then the DJI Phantom 3 makes for a compelling option. Check out the Phantom 3 review here. If you are looking for a more modern drone with avoidance sensors then perhaps the Phantom 4 is an option for you. The Phantom 4 Pro really has taken the consumer drone to an all new level. Take a look at the Half Chrome Drones Phantom 4 review here.

Phantom vs Solo

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