XCraft Rogue

XCraft Rogue: A 100 mph Racing Drone

The XCraft Rogue is not for the faint of heart. This bad boy is capable of speeds that hit triple digits. Yes, this thing will do 100 mph. The Rogue is unlike the other racing drones on the market. XCraft has added an additional 5th motor on the back that acts like a shot of nitrous. You can fly this with a traditional four motors, or bump it into ludicrous mode with the 5th.

The team at XCraft is constantly pushing the boundaries. They did it with their XPlusOne. You probably remember it from Shark Tank when all four of the sharks wanted in on the action. They upped the ante again with their unique PhoneDrone Ethos. Now they’ve done it again with their XCraft Rogue racing drone.

XCraft Rogue

If you are a fan of FPV or First Person View flying you need to try this drone. It was built to compete with the ultra fast racing drones out there. You aren’t going to find a drone this fast on Amazon or Banggood. Even if you are hardcore and build your own racers, you have to appreciate the engineering that went into this machine.

You can purchase the XCraft Rogue as an all-in-one package that comes with everything you need, or if you are the DIY type that wants to build their own you could opt for the build kit and do it yourself.

You won’t find a racing drone this fun, fast or unique. Check out the XCraft Rogue today.

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