PhoneDrone Ethos

XCraft PhoneDrone Ethos: A Unique Twist on the Selfie Drone

You may remember XCraft from their appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank with their XPlusOne flying wing drone. This time they’ve created a totally different portable drone that puts your smartphone in the air for a unique twist on the selfie drone. Many new smartphones can go with you in the pool, so now that smartphones have conquered land and sea, it’s time for them to conquer the air as well. Read on to learn more about the XCraft PhoneDrone Ethos.

The PhoneDrone Ethos is a very easy-to-use drone that requires no previous drone flying experience.  The PhoneDrone was designed to use the advanced computers, GPS, and other systems that are already in your smartphone to help keep the cost of the drone lower than it otherwise would be.  The PhoneDrone is compact and easy to carry around. It doesn’t need a bulky controller, so you can grab it and go.

PhoneDrone Ethos

You are probably nervous about putting your phone into a drone, but the Ethos has some innovative safety features that will make you feel more comfortable putting your phone in the air. If the battery gets low, or if your phone fails for some reason, the drone will still automatically land safely. The phone is housed safely in a mount that protects it from vibrations and unexpected shocks. The PhoneDrone will even float on water, so you can be confident that your precious smartphone won’t end up at the bottom of a lake. Now that more smartphones are coming with water resistance, this may actually be one of the safest drones to fly over water.

Maybe the best part of this drone is its camera – your phone’s camera! We have tested dozens of drone cameras and so far nothing actually can compete with the iPhone. Crazy, right? The best consumer drone cameras belong to the Phantom series from DJI, but even the Phantom 4 camera is not as good as an iPhone 6s. If you buy the PhoneDrone Ethos you can brag to your Phantom-owning friends that your drone’s camera is better than theirs.

Phantom 4 Compared to iPhone 6s
The Phantom 4 is almost as sharp as the iPhone, but there is no doubt that the drone-teething baby looks better on the iPhone.

If you aren’t sure about connecting your own smartphone to the PhoneDrone Ethos you could always pick up a low-cost alternative Android phone for about $50. Having a second phone will also allow you to use XCraft’s custom app to pair the smartphone that you keep in your hands to the drone and use it like a hand-held controller. Remember that the pictures and video you take are only as good as the camera you have in the drone, so once you gain confidence in the PhoneDrone you will likely find yourself switching roles and letting the cheap phone serve as the controller while your expensive iPhone or Android phone takes to the air. There is also a lot you can do with this drone without any auxiliary controlling phone at all. For example, you can have the drone follow your Apple Watch. You can also tell the Ethos to fly away a fixed distance, take a selfie, and then fly back to where it took off. Selfies have never been so easy or so fun!

The PhoneDrone Ethos really is a fun and unique drone. This is a one-of-a-kind drone that will put your world-class smartphone camera up in the air. Check it out today.

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