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Top Sky Prime II FPV Goggles – Best Value FPV goggles for less than $100

The Top Sky Prime II FPV goggles are an excellent set for beginners. If you are looking to get into the hobby and you don’t want to break the bank on your first pair of FPV goggles then these should be at the top of your list. They feature a diversity, DVR and optical adjustments. Starting around $80 this is the best budget option out there.

Top Sky Prime II FPV Goggles

These Top Sky Prime II FPV goggles are really nice. No, I won’t be swapping out my Skyzone 02X’s for these but that doesn’t mean they aren’t good. I can’t think of a better option for a beginner. They aren’t a box style but rather a dual-screen medium profile goggle. They won’t be as light as a pair of Fat Sharks but for less than $100 it is hard to argue. Weighing just over 400 grams they are lighter than most box style options but heavier than typical low-profile goggles.

skyzone prime 2 fpv

TopSky Prime 2 Fit and Feel

They fit nicely on my face. They don’t have a foam piece over the nose and I found that to be uncomfortable for my larger than average schnoz after longer periods of time. There was a tiny bit of light leakage but overall it wasn’t a problem. The picture was clear. The screens are 480 x 320 and I found the picture to be pretty solid.

topsky fpv

You can adjust the diopters as well as the IPD on the Prime II goggles. The IPD range is adjustable from 58-72 mm. I found the field of view to be immersive at 76 degrees. You’ll be looking around to see the edges. Some people really like this. Others prefer a more narrow field of view. It really is a matter of personal preference.

Top Sky Prime 2 Components

The diversity module of the Top Sky Prime 2 goggles seemed to offer good range, on par with other diversity modules that I’ve used. I’m not a big fan of the standard dipole antennas that it came with. A cheap and easy upgrade would be to grab some better antennas. The modules support 48 channels. If you are new to FPV find Raceband and stick with one of those 8 channels.

top zone prime ii

The Prime 2 FPV googles use an internal battery. It is a 2000 mAh battery and should offer good flight time. It charges via USB which can be convenient if you need to fly and charge using a mobile power bank. It is a removable lipo so you could swap it out if needed.

The layout of the buttons and the menus are well done and intuitive. Switching bands and channels are easy to do and the search function works well. Recording via the DVR is simple and it will take a micro SD card up to 32 GB. The playback on my DVR was actually pretty poor. I got mixed results sometimes it was fine and other times it was glitchy. You will want to check out my video to see first hand. I’ve seen other users of these goggles and they didn’t have the same issues so it is likely that I am just unlucky.

skyzone 02x vs top sky prime

Should you order the Top Sky Prime II FPV goggles?

If you are looking for a good pair of beginner FPV goggles then you need to take a look at these Top Sky Prime 2 goggles. They are hard to beat if your budget is less than $100. However, they are not my favorite pair of FPV goggles. Those are the $280 Skyzone 02X goggles. You can learn more about the Skyzone 02X goggles here.

Order the Top Sky Prime II gogglesOrder the Skyzone 02X goggles

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