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Skyzone 02X and 02C -These are the FPV goggles you want!

A good pair of FPV goggles is important when you are flying FPV. Up until now there weren’t many options. You could pick up a high-end pair of Fat Sharks but that would cost you upwards of $500. Or you save money and pick up a pair of box style goggles for about $100. There weren’t any good options in between. That has changed. There are now several good options for less than $300 and the best of these is the Skyzone 02X or Skyzone 02C.

Your first pair of FPV goggles

When you are looking for your first pair of FPV goggles there are a few things you’ll want to make sure they have. I think the most important thing is diversity. That is the ability to grab a signal from two different antennas. This will greatly improve your range and your picture. The second thing I highly recommend is a DVR. You’ll want to be able to record your footage and an integrated one is the way to go. The last feature you want is a fan. It will help make sure that your screens don’t fog up while flying.

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Obviously, comfort is important but that is a personal preference. Also the field of view matters but again some people like an immersive experience (larger than 37 degrees) and some prefer a smaller FOV (less than 37 degrees). If you can try on a pair before purchase I’d recommend that. Otherwise weight matters and how the battery mounts can also affect comfort. I prefer a head-mounted battery to a side-mounted one. The Skyzone option is to have a long battery cord and you can keep the battery in your pocket. I personally like this way as it doesn’t add any weight to the headset.

Skyzone 02X

skyzone 02x

Skyzone 02X or 02C?

The Skyzone 02x and 02c are essentially the same goggles. The difference is that the o2x has a built-in camera in the front so you can see in front of you without having to lift the goggles off of your head. Initially, I thought it was a gimmick, but if you wear glasses and have lenses inserted to help you see this could be extremely useful. If you don’t need the camera you can save about $20 and opt for the Skyzone 02C version.

skyzone 02x 02c

The Skyzone 02X goggles use 16:9 screens but they are switchable to 4:3 if you prefer. I found the image to be extremely clear and better than both my Fat Sharks and Aomways. The resolution is 854 x 480 and the IPD can move from 59-69 mm. It ships with a carrying case and a pair of dipole antennas. The case is nice but I’d recommend upgrading the antennas.

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The button layout is pretty simple and well labeled. Switching between channels and bands is very quick and easy. You can power the Skyzone 02X goggles with a 2S-6S battery which is a really nice option. They are light and comfortable and only weigh 206 grams.

Really it is hard to beat these goggles. They are lightweight, the picture quality is fantastic. The fan works like a charm and they even look good. The user interface is intuitive and accessing menus is both quick and easy. I’ve made the switch to these goggles and I’ve been quite happy with them.

Order the SkyZone 02XOrder the SkyZone 02C

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Other FPV options under $300

Aomway Commander V1S

The Aomway Commander v1S are also a good option. While I don’t like the screens quite as much they are lighter and also less expensive. Typically they are $30-60 less expensive than the Skyzone 02X goggles. Learn more about the Aomway Commander V1S here.

Fat Shark Scout

The Fat Shark Scout is the absolute best box style goggle you can buy. They are incredibly clear and comfortable and if you wear glasses and don’t like the low profile option you’ll definitely want to check them out.

Eachine EV200D

These goggles were my favorites before I switched to the Skyzones. They have four antennas for unmatched picture and range. They also have an immersive field of view but are a little heavier than the Skyzone 02X goggles. Learn more about the Eachine EV200D here.

eachine ev200d

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